Thursday, February 8, 2007

Feeling Blue

As you read through these pages, dear reader, you will probably be struck by the subservience I show to the wife and kids - indeed, to all and sundry. You, being sensitive and mature, will wonder how anyone can be such a goof. Surely, you will feel, ol' Narendra is making things up.

I wish that were true. While I am second to none when it comes to yelling at the autorickshaw driver for crossing my path or arguing my case with the constable who has pulled me to the side of the road for jumping a signal, I feel like a de-shelled and de-veined prawn when in the company of the loved ones, especially when talk veers to technical things. I am an engineer. It would be useless to hush it up after all these years. Best to own up and make a virtue of it. But so far as knowing what's in and what's cool goes, I might as well have come from a Yurt in Kazhakistan.

However, I am in the process of acquiring culture and style. I keep going to concerts, fancy shopping places, gourmet restaurants, art shows. Soon, when I'm asked for my favourite dish, I'll stop saying "Batata Wada"........

Coming up soon, on this page, is an account of my impressions of a Zakir Hussein concert I attended recently. It will give you an idea of how much I've started resembling human beings. Don't miss it.