Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Odisha files

I don't understand much about politics. Actually, I don't understand much about ANYTHING, but politics is something I understand even less about. I mean, I know our great leaders are doing everything they can to help the poor and lift the country to the sunlit uplands of peace and prosperity, but sometimes I just can't see the logic behind their actions. Why, for instance, does Amar Singh, who is such a great leader, spend so much time leading the Bachhan family, who are not really poor? And why in the world would he want his security upgraded to Z-category when no terrorist in his right mind would want to assassinate him, because he's doing a much better job of buggering up the nation than they could ever hope to?

But the thing that takes the cake is Naveen Patnaik's great effort to change his state's name to Odisha from Orissa and the name of the language to Odiya from Oriya. Now is this profound or what? Here you have a state which is the poorest in the nation, where people routinely die of starvation, where women and children are sold in weekly markets and what do you give them? A spelling change. And the beauty is the way it is presented by the press, as if Naveen had to struggle night and day against immense opposition to achieve this. Who in their right mind would? But perhaps Naveen is not really to be blamed. It is the latest political doctrine - when you can't do anything, increase the reservation and rename something. It's a lot easier than ensuring effective administration and just governance. Who wants to tramp around the place ensuring that the poor get a fair deal when all you need to do is to increase the OBC quota for something?

I despair for my country, I really do. I know I should stick to writing funny stories but today, I really don't feel funny at all. I quite love India. I've been all over the country and I've found the people to be really nice. To be sure, there is the odd asshole or criminal, but most Indians are warm and hospitable people. And honest. And clever. So how in the world do we have a political system where anyone can get away with anything? What the hell went wrong? Who elected Amar Singh?


Suman Srivastava said...

Hey Don't despair.

The guys who really save a country from bad leaders are the comedians. People like Jay Leno and yourself. Notice how Munnabhai aroused people on the Jessica Lal issue. So keep making bitingly satirical & funny comments.


Somebody Else said...

Tell me about it. In Karnataka, there was pandemonium over Bangalore- Bengaluru, Mysore-Mysuru, Bubli-Hubbali and suchlike.

Patnaiks? One more family business. Politicians shouldn't be allowed to have children. And no, that won't be a human rights violation. They get ample action with screwing the country anyway. They won't miss anything.

Man, that sounds so blasely perv. I don't understand why the Bacchans stick to Amar Singh like they do. They don't even need him. Or do they? sigh.

Nandini Vishwanath said...
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Nandini Vishwanath said...

Hey Mr. Shenoy, chin up! Now, we know its upto you and me to make lift everyone to experience the sun :)

I know, its pathetic, but if anyone can do something, we can!

Okie Dokie said...


Righteous angst does not suit you;). Sarcastic humor is what we need:). Kidding. Screw them. Do you really care about your society? All I care about is my family, friends and me.


Over Rated said...

Our politicians don't do anything for the country. When people begin to notice, they either change the name of a city or state or ask make some reservations. Or ask actors to stop smoking. Anything that takes the attention of their superbly failure of a government.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

such a waste no? whether its this or raj uncle and his marathi manoos rubbish. sigh

Gravity Eyelids said...

the solution.....abolish the written word..but that would mean u'd have to save ur posts as mp3s ;-)

Partho said...

See, see? Everybody is worried now. Why did you go all senti?

By the way,Amar Singh was never elected( elected by the public, I mean), greatness doesn't need election. The Great Sitaram yechury and Lord Arjun Singh are other examples of such greatness.
And Raja Navin Patnaik is the King of Kalinga, he can do anything he mighty pleases, who are we raise eyebrows?

Pity you should be so peeved by Amar Singh. When you sit down and ponder quietly, he has all the potential to be a blogger's delight. He has bugs bunny front teeth, funny moustache, darindagi in his eyes
, and no sense of humor. He should get a full post from you. Think about it.

narendra shenoy said...

@suman - Thanks!

@siri - I think the Bachhans hang on to Amar Singh for his looks. I second that. Politicians should not be allowed to have children on account of having had the pleasure of screwing the People.

@nandini - Thanks! I'll try and smile some.

@ok - Yes, I know I suck at angry rants. A good rant is when people listening to you either quake with fear or puff their chests in support. I sound like Bangladesh in the UN.

@overrated - You said it!

@cynic - *Sigh*

@gravity :-)

@partho - Yes, I suck at depression. I'm going to fix myself a nice drink and write something less depressive.

chutneycase said...

Myself chutney and it is probably none of my bijiness but I think you are saying what is korrekt. Orissa palitics very debective no?

narendra shenoy said...

@chutney - ROFL!

Preeti said...

Odisha??? REALLY??? :O It doesn't even sound nice! It is sad, indeed...Sometimes really makes me wonder how the future of this country is gonna be... :-/

Vikram said...

In India, the landline telecommunication network was and probably still is a consummate failure. However, we have the maximum number of mobile phone users in the world.

There are somethings that work in India and somethings that don't. Politicians don't mostly. Don't despair over their inadequacies.

All that we need to do is to use our miniscule little power to help those who have none. Things would improve; I do not believe it to be a matter of hope. It is simply, a matter of time.

The Dhaka Stock Exchange Index is at a 10-year high, up 66 percent this year, making it Asia's top performer after China. And the stock market is expected to double in size in 2008.

Bangladesh may just start getting some attention in UN. :)

David said...

You guys need to eat some rabdi and think positive. India is doing well inspite of these sucky politicians. Besides, if these politicians were the consummate leaders we'd like them to be, who would we blame for all the ills of our society?

Sujata Rajpal said...

Why Amar Singh , anyone will like to give company to Bachchans - that's Family Number 1. I always wonder why he never takes his own family along. This way they too can have free trips to Cannes and other beautiful places. Btw does he have a family of his own?

Praveen G K said...

Benaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta....more on the cards :-) I guess after ten years, we would have no clue as to wehre we came from :-)

rads said...

Narenji, you have been tagged :)

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