Monday, August 4, 2008

The Mummy Returns and Pulls Daddy's Legs

We've been watching a lot of TV at home these days, mostly a show called "Fear Factor". I have heard that they had a series specially for gay people, in San Francisco, but it turned out a bit differently. In fact, for reasons I cannot go into here, they're planning to call it the "Rear Factor". But the boys have been doing a bit of movie watching on their own and their favorite passtime is pulling the leg of their progenitor. Here's a recent dialogue.

: Hi guys, how was the movie (they went to see "The Mummy Returns - The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor")

: Nice. Great special effects

: Especially the avalanche.

: Avalanche? You mean sandstorm, don't you?

: No, this movie is based in China and in the Himalayas. There are some abdominal snowmen as well

: That's abominable snowmen, Gau.

: I think I know some abdominal slow men too.

: Very funny. But the effects were quite good. All computer generated.

: Did you get scared

: No. I've seen scarier.

: You know which is a scary Mummy Returns movie?

: Which one?

: "The Mummy Returns and Finds Us on the Play Station instead of homework". Now THAT's a scary movie.

: (High fives Vyaas)

: You guys set me up for that one. Not fair! (Slinks away)


maxdavinci said...

Fear Factor! Isn't that the one with teh tagline 'terah haseena ek khiladi'? Now I know why you were watchin it saar!

gradwolf said...

good one!

About what Max^^ said, The Mummy Returns and finds you drooling would become your scary movie!

Nikhil Narayanan said...

I liked that line(Vyaas') and of course the title.

sthitapragnya said...

Ur sons should also start blogging. I'd love to see how they outwit their father!!:P They seem to share their father's sense of humour.

Idling in Top Gear said...

Nice. Looks like the apples didn't fall too far away from the tree.

BTW, what's with picking on San Francisco! There are decent, straight people (a la me) living there too!

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I've been a passive lurker on your blog for a while now ! About time, I told you, that I find your blog hilariously funny !
And yeah, it's great that your kids have inherited your sense of humour too ! :-)

Wicked :D said...

Get your kids to write a guest post. Please please.

Coconut Chutney said...

Forget guest post, your kids should have a blog of their own!
:D And rofl @ "rear factor"

Maddy said...

mummy is gonna get tough on you man - big problem then..

Cynic in Wonderland said...

heheh your kids should have a stand up show i think.

Preeti said...

Yup, u guys would do great as a Stand Up Family....Really, think of it....

Coconut Chutney said...

Oooh! I see a new contributor! Brilliante! Can't wait to see the missus in action :D

Arun Sundar said...

That was smart thinking by the kids!

After watching the movie, I was telling my friend "Here in US, even mummies are made in china these days!" :)

Usha said...

Good training dad, is mom reading this. That will be the subject of a scarier post I am sure.

narendra shenoy said...

@max - But they all look terrible. Especially Pooja Bedi, who used to be a hottie in my time.

@grad - True. Once, long ago, when Gautham was three, we bought a new TV set. A whole set of uncles aunts and cousins landed one day and I was showing off the TV, flipping through channels. Gautham was by my side, cute as an angel, clutching my finger with his wee hands. Soon, a fashion channel called FTV came on. Promptly, and completely unbidden, Gautham piped "THAT'S the channel my dad always watches", to my complete mortification and to the enormous amusement of 2 uncles, 2 aunts, 6 cousins, 6 spouses of cousins and a gaggle of assorted kids. Karma.

@Nikhil - Thanks!

@stitha - They have a VERY poor sense of humor, mostly based on telling their mom what their dad has been up to with the starchy foods and finding amusement when she roasts him.

@idling - Actually, SanFrancisco is a blameless town. They found 17 straight men there in the last census.

@free - Thanks!

@wicked - Allowing my kids access to this blog! That would not be unlike giving my credit card to Paris Hilton. They would have a party and I would be left behind to clean up the mess. No, too wild. Not domesticated like me for instance.

@chutney - Thanks! Here's another accountant joke for you: How do you tell if your accountant is saying something boring? His lips are moving.

@maddy - We have a saying in Marathi - "Mela Kombda aagela bheet nahi" which means "A dead chicken does not fear the fire". So mummy can roast me if she likes. (But all the same, don't tell her I said this)

narendra shenoy said...

@cynic - Their own stand-up show? That would be like giving Stevie wonder a machine gun. Lethal. Liked you latest post, BTW. I have a snooterful to say about it. See you on your blog.

@preeti - et tu! Thanks!

@chutney - I was powerless. I hope she preserves the decency of debate and is as nice about me as I am about her.

@arun - Nice one!

@usha - Except that she doesn't have handlebar mustaches and our house doesn't have an archipelago where we could be sent, ma'am is Joseph Stalin. She knows EVERYTHING that goes on in her domain. SHHH! EVEN THE WALLS HAVE EARS

Deepti said...

i am deepti raghuram. i am lakshmi bharadwaj's friend and i happened to read ur post on her recommendation. and i am glad i did for i found a writer to add to my favorites. i really enjoyed it ............

Suma said...

first time here...and i'm luving it...:)

that was funny, (Vyaas' line) tho i really should not be laughing being on the receiving end myself ...i have two boys and we have reruns of scary movies all the time...