Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Public Debates and Questions Asked Therein

I attended a jolly little debate recently on Environment V/s Development and while I generally give these things the miss, on the sensible grounds that I have little or nothing to contribute, I couldn't jog out of this one on account of the big cheese being an old college pal of mine.

I tooled up at the appointed hour and occupied, on the prompting of the big cheese, one of those seats with RESERVED written on them in large letters. It is immensely satisfying, the occupation of seats with RESERVED written on them, but of course YOU wouldn't know that  because YOU've never been asked to occupy seats with RESERVED written on them, now, have you? If you will pardon the expression, Ha Ha!

Anyway, the debate was well conducted. The speakers were really eminent people and spoke much that made sense. I'm of course one of those feeble minded blokes who tends to agree with virtually anything is said to him, as you probably know already, but even I could tell that strong arguments were being made strongly.

The debate paused after each side made their arguments and the general public was invited to ask questions. Now I don't really attend too many of these things as I said earlier but I felt more that ever that we must have the worst question askers in the world.

The first doofus from the general public stood up and was handed a wireless mike. There was a bit of "Hello Mike testing one two three" (which, whenever I get the opportunity, I change to "Mike's testes, one two three". This, in my opinion, is the second most satisfying thing about these do's, the first being of course, occupying seats with RESERVED written on them) after which the doofus hemmed and hawed and told us his name. Yeah. We were dying to know. Now go ahead and say your thing, you nematode. And then he told us a long piece about how distinguished he was and how he agreed with many things that were said today, and how he was unlike most other people who wouldn't know a thing about what was being said and.... he would have gone on had the moderator not butted in and asked him to get to the point. Where upon he asked his question which was something to the effect that India was a better place now that 50 years ago.

Yeah, said the moderator, so what's your question?

That only



Then it flashed upon the moderator that the chap had possibly been having a drop or two on the sly and mumbled "I think we can take that question as answered by the questioner himself. Who's next?"

That, for me, was the highlight of the evening.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, wish I could have been there :-D


Not Specified said...

"Mike's testes, one two three"

Thanks for a good laugh after a stressful day!!

- N.

Saumya said...
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Sita K. said...

How to balance development and ecological/environmental concerns rather than either-or may have held some interest...
The gentleman should have said "I have a very long comment..Pls go to sleep and I'll wake you up when I'm done"

Giribala said...

Someday i will occupy a seat with RESERVED written on it, and then blog about it too :-|

narendra shenoy said...

@Bhel - You would have either killed the guy or laughed out really loudly :D

@Not Specified - It's great fun. Suitable for all occasions :D

@Sita - true!

@Giribala - Haha, I'm sure you will, one of these days :D

Anonymous said...

This Blog is known for its Good Humour, till now.

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That sounds like a lot of fun :)

Shezah said...

They're STILL doing those environment vs. Development debates?? I was forced (okay, you caught me, I begged)to participate in one when I was in school. I don't remember much of it, except that I began with a killer joke about dinosaurs, if I do say so myself (which I notice I am). I thought they would have resolved that argument by now.

Stumbled on your blog on indiblogger, very enjoyable stuff you have here!