Monday, June 25, 2012

Singapore Chronicles - We hit Orchard Road

I'm assuming you've read the last two posts on our singapore trip. Actually, probably not. The reasoning being that if you had, you wouldn't have come back. So here's a little recap.
1. We decide to go to Singapore.
2. Visa procedure easy.
3. N Shenoy and family make it past Singapore immigration despite the head of the family looking like a member of the Chicago underworld on his passport.
4. Some random theology.

When I finally rounded up the second post, which you wisely avoided reading,  we were at Changi, local sim cards in hand, looking to head  into the evil city. Though missus tells me calling Singapore an evil city is not unlike referring to Ms. H. R. Clinton as a dusky seductress.

"Is there a pre-paid taxi counter anywhere around?" I asked the lads

"No, sweet" the missus piped "I told you a dozen times on the flight we're taking a train"

And indeed we were. The missus, who has serious extra-sensory powers, led us to a railway station somewhere in the interiors of the airport and shooed us into a jolly decent little train. It soon filled up with people but there was virtually no pushing and shoving, which felt a little weird, like I was in the middle of a lot of holographic images of humanoid creatures. I nostalgically reminisced about our locals, where you could rely on a chap to dig his elbow into your sternum as he scratched himself, burp into your airspace just as you're inhaling, or atleast step on your feet. Here were about a hundred people standing virtually still and unconnected to each other despite being really close. A bit like those discrete intervals our statistics lecturer used to ramble on about.

Rambling, rambling. Get a move on, Naren. Right.

"Get off, get off!" I woke up to some deft prodding in the anterior ribs. I stumbled out with the bag in my charge. "Sleepy head! Why didn't you sleep on the flight? And where did you learn to sleep standing in that disconcertingly equine way?"

'Annie once taught us how to sleep on the front bench in school without being caught. You put your elbows on the table like this and hold your head in your hands, like you're in deep thought, and then..."

"Isn't this place remarkable? Wow! Look! Ferrari car outside!" hoping for brief respite while the lads ran towards the exit.

I got a glare from the missus and a disappointed whine from the lads who found no car remotely resembling a Ferrari

"Annie wouldn't know a Ferrari from a camel's rump" said the missus, by way of mollification.

"Annie, Annie, do you know the difference between a camel's rump and an ATM machine?"

"Er, no.."

"Oh, then you'd have to be really careful drawing cash in Rajasthan"

"hahaha" went a little chorus

I sighed and decided to concede the point. Presently we reached our hotel, which turned out to be bang above the railway station. I performed my designated task of shuffling up to the chaps behind the desk, concluded the form filling and card swiping ritual......

And landed up on Orchard Road.


Lavanya said...


Giribala said...

I guess the details of Orchard Road will appear in the next post, just like the theological gem in the previous post....

Coconut Chutney said...

hahahaah I'm borrowing the camel joke :D

parthicle said...

Say, since when have robots leaving comments in your blog posts?
The typing of those cryptic words is such a pain...

Sharatchandra Bhargav said...

I can attest to those trains you were talking about in Singapore - where everyone stand next to each other like strangers and stare into nothingness. The abiding memory I have of the Singapore train station is how clean it was, and as to how people were still mopping the seemingly spotless granite!

Saumya said...

The camels hump - ATM joke is classic! Couldn't stop laughing....

Nav said...

Sirjee would really love to read a post by you on the soap operas..not just an essay but a scene by scene account of a typical episode..characters acting, dialogues, camerawork, background score, illogical nature of the plot etc such serial is chhal..9 pm primetime colors..if ur missus watches it she can anyway give u a low down on the plot of this so called mystery thriller..

Nav said...

Yesterday, india won a match against sri lanka. Guess who was the 'finisher'- suresh raina. Scored 65, excellent. Guess what did he do at the at the end of the match. Threw himself in another man's arms. Irfan pathan's. Everytime raina throws himself in another man's arms, I will think of you (ref one of ur posts)..hahaa..