Friday, January 11, 2008

How to tell Australian cricketers from monkeys

In our endeavor to educate the ignorant public (you, that is), we have decided to take up a sensitive topic which is How to tell an Australian cricketer from a monkey. We know this a very tricky subject and that even experts like Harbhajan Singh have been known to make mistakes (he recently called the Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds a monkey and nearly got suspended. Silly of him. He should have said "ape", which scientists will tell you is different from "monkey").

As we were saying, it can be done, telling them apart, that is. By the time you are done reading this article you will be distinguishing between Australian Cricketers and monkeys with a confidence rate of 71.224%

Let's start with the basics. Australian cricketers are not monkeys. We know this is hard to believe but trust us. There are many points of difference, though most of them are discernible only under an electron microscope.

Firstly, monkeys are primates but unlike humans, do not have an opposing thumb. Australian cricketers, who resemble humans more closely, do. This enables them to bunch up their digits into a fist and extend only the middle one, the universal gorilla symbol for love and friendship.

Secondly, the average Australian cricketer has less hair than most species of monkey. This is the best distinguishing physical characteristic, according to several authorities in this field, because facial features can be very misleading. The leading case on the topic is Symonds v/s Singh where the plaintiff sued the defendant for having called him, the plaintiff, a monkey face. The courts ruled against the plaintiff on the grounds of reasonable similarity.

Thirdly, most monkeys in the wild do not appeal in unison, unlike the Australian cricketers. Their preferred method of pressuring the umpire would be to bite him in the nuts. This is why the BCCI, along with the entire Indian cricket team, wants Umpires Bucknor and Benson to officiate in the Jungle Olympics.

And lastly, Australian cricketers, unlike monkeys, do not mate promiscuously with multiple females. Unless they are Shane Warne.

We hope this article was illuminating, though the space provided was hardly enough to do justice to this vast subject. The reader is most welcome to attend the author's lectures delivered in the primates section of the Bombay zoo. He will be the one scratching his butt. Aussie style.


Ok said...

Man you are soo cool and funny!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

LOL, one yorker after another. My favorite line:"Their preferred method of pressuring the umpire..."

Coconut Chutney said...

I just don't think its fair that the ICC allows humans to play with monkeys/apes/gorillas/king kongs.

Its not fair.

Coconut Chutney said...

Incredibly funny post though.

Vidhya said...

.. This is really cool...You might want to add a disclaimer here.." Close observation is necessary to differenciate between the two species, as the line of distinction is very thin, the author is not responsible for mishaps due to improper interpretations"!!

Maddy said...

heh heh ,nice one...which formula did u use to arrive at the 71.324% figure???

Vijay said...

Funny stuff.. as are all your other posts...