Sunday, June 29, 2008

A stray thought

Last evening we had a few friends over for dinner. Sheela had cooked some excellent prawn curry and stuffed pomfret (or paaplate, as it is known in zoological circles) and the food, for once, upstaged the booze.

We watched the India v/s Bangladesh cricket match. The Indian team was , surprise surprise, whaling the tar out of the Bangladesh team. Inter alia, a chap named Suresh Raina scored a century. Apparently overcome with emotion, he ran to the other guy in the middle, Yuvraj Singh, and jumped into his arms. Yuvraj Singh who, I am sure, is no stranger to such situations, though most of the jumping is doubtless done by members of the fairer sex, handled the situation well and disentangled himself with dignity and without committing himself.

My question is, what would it take for someone like me to want to jump into another man's arms? I can't think of a single thing. Very much doubt even a billion dollars could do it (though I am open to offers). Am I too cold and cynical? Is it normal for men to jump into other men's arms upon scoring centuries against Bangladesh?

Just stray thoughts. By the way, you must have noted that I have wrested control over this page from my dear wife by the deeply strategic method of whining and agreeing to go shopping with her for the next seventy three years without a murmur. Surely a small price to pay for my independence.


Partho said...

What do you mean "without committing himself?" Apna Yuvi us type ke nahi hai.
Anyway, profound question. Perhaps not in cricket, but in other team games like soccer, after scoring a goal? I believe there is scope for such emotion. But the footballers overdo it too, considering the way they dangerously pile up. One of these days somebody's gonna get hurt celebrating a goal.

Anonymous said...

hehe, go you!

I thought men loved contact, in the name of the game. Sports does things to a man's psyche and character...

Girls on the other hand, well, I wouldn't do it for money, but I recently hugged my colleague who who's coming back after a long maternity leave. Life was drab without her next door... *sigh


Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Hahaha! :D

Narenbhai, you finally let them slip. The two important words - "for once": as in, "the food, for once, upstaged the booze."

Any man who's been married for any length of time knows that you denigrate her cooking at your peril. Especially when saying that your booze is usually better. Dude, what are you - married yesterday???

Since you are not, ergo, it stands to reason that you made that comment because you know she would never read it.

Hence: proves my point that it has been you all along posting on your website. Even when you were masquerading.


p.s. the rest of the post was pretty funny too.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

what about football and all the ahem backside slapping and other place slapping?

you know there was this conference i had attended on semiotics once, where one chappie had made this profound observation about men and sports - uhm the fact that the reason men LIKE sports becoz for most part is putting circular thingummies which bounce into ahem holes

Shruti said...

uh.. wrestling?

Maddy said...

well well - u asked a tricky question. i saw the euro football final yesterday - jumping onto other people is more common in that sport. now imagine that happening on NBA - if a 7 foot shaq o neill jumped on another 7 foot player...holy cow..not very interesting...but yuvi would not have castigated bachoo raina..

Okie Dokie said...

Whats wrong in jumping onto a guy? You cant jump onto a girl. She will fall down.

And isn't Raina simply the best? Greg Chappel called him the next Sachin 3 years ago:).

narendra shenoy said...

Partho - Yeah, football is crazy! And Yuvi is definitely heterosexual

Rads - I'm not much into hugging people who carry the same kind of chromosomes as I do. Which is why my favorite sport is chess. If you can call it a sport, that is.

BPSK - You are a loss to Scotand Yard. You're not related to Sheela, are you? She has similar deductive skills, especially when I come home late from 'meetings'. "Meetings?", she goes, "what were you discussing, the therapeutic properties of rum?" or things on those lines. My carefully constructed story collapses in two to five minutes.

cynic - :) Football is real crazy.

shruti - Or Sumo wrestling. The objectives of the game are
1. Pin your opponent to the floor and win
2. Push him out of the ring and win
3. Pull off his undies and win

maddy - :) Shaq is technically a continent, not a man. Colliding with him should theoretically give rise to mountain ranges

Okie - Nothing wrong in jumping onto a guy, provided you love them gentle smell of armpit sweat and the delicate nuances of the onions on his breath. ;)

Art said...

Thats why booze was invented.

10yearslate said...

Boss, I will confess to hugging a fully grown man tightly with intent..and this in public with ten+two+two+another eight grown men watching.

Ande before you think Brokeback mountain..lemme explain.

I went for the catch from my 'keeper's spot. He came for it from deep square leg. He caught it as I got there. Being marginally heavier I knew that he would go down and spill the catch if I ran into him.

Next best option was to hug him tight till we were all stable.

Siri said...

Nooooo. Not Yuvi. Please, that'll break my heart. Leave him alone, Raina bhaiyya, please. :(

Preeti said...

Sportsmen do it all the time!!!

Or so i thought...When somene does it in real, uhmmm, tatz somethin to beware of...

But i think i'd blame it on the adenaline rush...messes with thinking!

Maddy said...

my son who roots for kobe bryant would give you a high5 for that apt comment...

Wicked :D said...

Aged F! Interested in fantasizing?

Amrita said...

Damn, bring her back... j/k!

Well, if you were standing near another man, on the edge of a cliff and somebody lit a fire under your bum, then you'd jump into his arms wouldn't you? I don't know if you actually wanted that question answered but i thought I'd answer it anyway.

However, I understand the hotness of Yuvraaj is such that when he walks down the street complete strangers of all variety jump into his arms, to Suresh Raina kya cheez hai?

Seriously, Suresh Raina kya cheez hai? I'm asking coz I'm kirkit illiterate. I wasn't aware for example that beating Bangladesh is now a high point for Team india. Tsk. Apres Sachin le deluge, apparently.

Shilpa said...

you've been tagged.
and you don't have to write a blog about your likes and dislikes.

Anonymous said...

Lekho, Naren lekho! The silence is killing me.

-Secret admirer

P.S. Ok.