Monday, July 14, 2008

In which I am dragged kicking and screaming to a movie...

I had read OK's post on the movie Jaane Tu... and decided that I had to give it a miss. But I reckoned without the native cunning of the missus, who, on her day, can make General Rommel look like Mr. Bean.

Step 1 : She buys tickets.
Step 2 : She tells me she has bought 2 tickets
Step 3 : I tell her to go with my sister, because she is DYING to see the movie and has no one to go with
Step 4 : My well thought out strategy collapses because missus, displaying devilish cunning, asks sister if she really wants to go
Step 5 : Sis says no. She has seen it already. How did she like it? Well..... the songs were nice
Step 6 : I discover that FIVE tickets have been purchased. The boys and my mom are coming too:
Step 7 : I tell missus that I don't really want to come, because of this negative review I read.
Step 8 : Missus expresses her opinions on a wide range of topics of a somewhat personal nature, of which I am only allowed to report that it melted most of my earwax.
Step 9: I watch the movie.

Right, then. That's the story so far. And how did I like the movie, do you ask? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't for the life of me fathom why OK did not like it. Perhaps windows into prior life etc. My heart bleeds for him. But the movie was superb. Why? Well, let me count the ways

1. The story was written BEFORE the shooting started
2. Ditto the dialogue
3. No one named Kapoor, Chopra, Johar, Ghai or Roshan was even remotely involved in the making of the movie.
4. No one becomes hysterical in the movie.
5. There is no tearful prayer in song form to Krishna
6. No one overacts.
7. No one has a chest like the Himalayas lying on their side

Really enjoyed it, despite having to face a smug "I told you so" expression from the missus for the rest of the week.

Jokes apart, I found the movie fresh and charmingly ordinary. And very classy too. The only eyesore was that old ham, Paresh Rawal, who overacts just a little bit. Tragically, my countrymen love his brand of humor. Well, when they finally make me president, the first ordinance I will promulgate will be the statutory ban on all films in which Paresh Rawal makes an appearance.

In other news, I am on a soup and salad diet. My respect for Mahatma Gandhi has gone up many notches. He ran an entire freedom struggle on an empty stomach. I can barely run a coherent thought process.


Anonymous said...

I loved it too! And about why Ok didn't like it, mere khayalein bhi kuch aise hi hain!

And why soup and salad, Mr. Shenoy?!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

You are dieting kya?

And I have read only read positive reviews so far of that movie. Mebbe, I should use emotional blackmail against AB too. Hmm...

Rada said...

Paresh Rawal is a good actor, but hopelessly typecast by Bollywood and thus wasted as an actor!

But I know what you mean: These days he tends to repeat himself horribly!

Wicked :D said...

Oh c'mon! Let me tell you what was irritating about the movie.

I thought no girl could be as retarded as Genelia. Comes along Meghna and proves me wrong. A whistle away from being put in a straightjacket were the friends who were narrating the story. And the wierdo brother.

My problem with the movie was it had too much loonieness and mush.

And trust me xg was NOT LIKE both those retards. Nor, am I the sort who will not let the girl know she has a cute face and a tolerable personality. So I couldn't relate to it at all. Esp. the kissing goodnight part;).

P.S. That explains why you havent been blogging. The soup and salad makes you too weak?

Shilpa said...

Lovely movie. Fresh. Charming.
And hey, I have added your blog to my 'I Read' section

Shilpa said...

Lovely movie. Fresh. Charming.
And hey, I have added your blog to my 'I Read' section

Shruti said...

:-O complaining about Paresh Rawal? :-O
*sigh what can I say? I'm ur countryman..

chutneycase said...

yay! You liked it! I personally find Genelia kinda cute. And Imran Khan. Sigh.
Pappu is hot, saala! (I;ve already said this somewhere else but what the hell, he is!)

narendra shenoy said...

Grad - Recent vacation to Kabini and a couple of subsequent business trips which involved staying in hotels with good buffet dinners left my formerly slim waist looking like a geodesic dome. The missus, claiming to be tired of walking around with what looked like a medical miracle (she meant pregnant man) cracked the whip. Boo hoo hoo, I believe, is the appropriate expression

Nandini - Of course you should!

Rada - Yes, there was a time when Paresh Rawal used to be a fine actor. Like Satya yuga, the dinosaurs and the age of sensible hindi movie songs, that is firmly in the past.

OK - You are too harsh. If you want mush, the global standards were set by "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun", all Karan Johar movies and one Brooke Shields movie I had seen in my adolescence because of rumors that Ms. Shields forgot to wear a blouse in one scene (rumors untrue, by the way), called "Endless Love".

Weak? I am in the market for walking sticks, man. I'm planning to get the house carpeted with a soft rug so that I don't hurt myself when I faint and fall. I am so light right now the elevator refuses to go down when I'm in it. A "not enough load" light starts flashing.

Shilpa - Thanks!

Shruti - You like his histrionics? The only reason people think he is funny is because his movies usually feature a worse klutz, Rajpal Yadav

Chutney - Your sentiments were echoed by missus, who is old enough to be his mother. Yes, he definitely has charm (though not in my league, when I was younger)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

ok now i have to see it. second review in ten mins which is positive. hmmm.

maxdavinci said...

OK was prolly the only guy I know to dislike the movie. Plus he blacklisted me!

glad to know that u liked the same points that I fell for...

Maddy said...

pretty good movie we saw it too...

Usha said...

I dont really care for movies and movie reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed the post and the discussion here.
You really lost that much by going on a salad diet. Pliss send me the details immedaitely.

Preeti said...

me wanna watch the movie!!!!!!!

Pri said...

i dont know how you can not fall in love with the movie. everyone's just so likeable.

Pri said...
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