Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday Night in Juhu

I don't normally write about, or even mention the word "sex" in my blog. I mean, why talk about something you don't understand too well? But today, I break that self imposed rule. This blog, today, will descend from its high Gandhian ideals to Hugh Hefner class. We will mention the 'S' word! So excuse me while I shed a silent tear. My only excuse it that I found it funny and had to report it.

"What is it, you silly old buffer? Cut to the chase!" I hear you asking, with a "Senile bum!" as an aside to your alter ego. Patience, patience, you shall hear all.

Well, last night we went out to dinner with a couple of friends from old college days. One of these I meet frequently - he stays ten minutes away and we share a deep interest in the fermentation process. The other guy, I'll call him AM, is here on vacation. He works for General Motors. I suppose he will have to continue doing that till he can find a specific motor to work for. Not my concern.

What he was telling me about was how his American boss is a funny guy. He, AM, was asking him, the American boss, about his day, and how he schedules it. And the guy gave him the low down with a dead pan face. Wake up at 6.00 am, office by 7.30 and so on and finally says

"I usually sleep by 11.30".
And his wife adds, with an equally dead pan face, "Unless we're having sex, in which case he sleeps by 11.35"
"Right", still looking like they're attending a religious ceremony.
He, AM, tells me that those were the 10 most difficult minutes in his life, because he had to keep a straight face. Gave him a hernia, that effort.


Suman Srivastava said...

Hilarious. Great post. Inspite of the bad one regarding specific motor. :-)


Idling in Top Gear said...

Hmm - his boss would've thought that he missed the joke!

Never Mind!! said...

"He works for General Motors. I suppose he will have to continue doing that till he can find a specific motor to work for." is my favorite part. I am sucker for PJs. Hell I married the so called PJ king just for his jokes. :)

Rada said...

Jokes delivered with a deadpan face, always works!

But a joke worked in tandem by two people, as it happened in this case, is sure to bring down the gallery! :-)

Coconut Chutney said...

rofl! :D

gradwolf said...

hehehe, total damage.

Partho said...

The joke is on general motors then? That their execs have assembly line sex life, like, five minutes for screwing this part with that?

What kept him from laughing? I think he was meant to roll on the floor!

Wicked :D said...

"He works for General Motors. I suppose he will have to continue doing that till he can find a specific motor to work for."

That was hilarious!

The joke per se was OK.

Wicked :D said...


Now there is a movie you gotto see. Maybe its you turn to tell the lady "I said so!"

Drenched said...

ROFL! Jokes sound doubly hilarious with a deadpan expression... and as for this case, that "Right" was the bestest. Heeheehee.
Deep interest in fermentation process! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Am I the only one who found it funny? :p

Bikerdude said...
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Bikerdude said...

Sorry had to delete extremely bad PJ in previous comment.

Good one :)

Err isnt it good manners to react to a deadpan joke (by laughing or groaning)rather than continue being deadpan? As idling said, the jokers would have thought he was either offended or didn't get it.

narendra shenoy said...

@suman - Thanks! I told AM that specific motor joke about 50 times that evening, ensuring that I will not be having dinner with him again anytime soon.

@idling - He wasn't sure, as I wouldn't be, that it was a joke. Americans are crazy enough for that to be a true life story.

@never mind - We come from the same ancestor Oog, who, when everyone in the tribe was cracking skulls, was cracking PJs. Long live!

@rada - Sadly, he wasn't sure it was a joke, and had the excruciating task of keeping a straight face.

@chutney - Because tis true. As the great Milton said, Truth is funnier than fiction.

@grad - "In Vino, Veritas" which means "You speak the truth" in Greek.

@partho - Americans have weird senses of humor. For example, when General Washington crossed the Delaware river in a storm, he lost one of his most trusted aides, Corporal Lance Peters. He reached the other side and tried to look for shelter. As luck would have it, he had reached a house of ill repute. The madam opened the door and all that george could blurt out was "We are thirty two men without Peters". To which the madam replied, using the phrase for the first time in recorded history, "You gotta be shittin me". And, being enshrined as a sacred chapter of American History, no one dares find it funny

@wicked - Thanks. Saw dark knight. Enjoyed it very much!

@drenched - Don't you wish you could meet this couple? Must have been a scary pair too, to have intimidated my poor pal AM into keeping a straight face

@bikerdude - Americans are wierd. And Indians working for Americans are weirder. Plus they fear the pink colored slip with the intensity of a Bolshevik fearing the capitalist pigs. Thus, no laughing till boss says ok, now laugh.

maxdavinci said...

hilarious, though the specific motor was below the belt!

But its just coz i wrk there, nothin else...

Maddy said...

ha - American sense of humor? pretty basic actually..

memsaab said...

Heh! I'm an American (found you from Amrita's blog, and your comment there which made me laugh very hard), and they were definitely joking.

Your friend could have laughed :-) I would have. They probably went home and talked about how polite Indians are!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! ROFL!!!

And that bit about the General Motors coz he has no specific motor to work for, is also cool.. :)