Saturday, April 4, 2009

The troubles in my life

Before I bore you with my petty troubles, I must acquaint you with Mr. Anand Kumar, founder of Super 30, an IIT coaching class in Patna, Bihar, who the Mint Newspaper, the only newspaper named after a Punjabi unit of time (eg. "Panch mint me aayaa, paaji"), swears has survived two fatal attacks on his life, which is indeed a newsworthy talent. ( if you think I made this up)

Alright, whiny time.

The weather in Mumbai is crazy.

I have a sore throat which the wife insists is because of some wine that I had last night, when any medical expert will tell you it was because of the ceIery.

I am unable to think of anything remotely funny to write. (What's new, asks my dear wife)

My computer seems to be suffering from Alzheimer's. I use this very nifty OS called Puppy Linux, which works like a dream on every computer that I own, but of late refuses to recall any of my usernames or passwords on the one that I use at home. I strongly suspect one of my sons to have fiddled with the settings - they were trying to install some games - but despite being put under the lights, they refuse to confess. I am reduced to guessing my password for various things, which like an idiot I kept different, and mysterious secret questions which make no sense. One of them is "A - who?". Another is "Date". Was that really me?

Ah well, cest la vie.


Coconut Chutney said...

Lol! :) Especially enjoyed the punjabi unit of time reference.

Anish said...

Punjabi unit of time was superlative!

The explanation in brackets cud have been avoided though (Personal opinion). :-P

RukmaniRam said...

"paanch mint mein aaya paaji" :D :D

Idling in Top Gear said...

lol@ "paanch mint."

I guess there are few things one can do in Bihar without getting shot at.

Good luck w/ the password hunt! To guess the answers you have to be in the same frame of mind that you were in when you came up with the questions. (Hint: this logic may be used as an excuse to indulge in strong beverages under the cover that you were under the influence when you made up the hint questions!)

Pitu said...

Good luck with finding the passwords! Bwahahhaaa :-D

Anonymous said...

You should approach these troubles in the right frame of mind.....Have another drink for the sore throat and maybe you will also remember your passwords in paanch mint - dare I say - paaji :)....and with deep respect I have to disagree with the dear are often funny :P

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

lol@punjabi unit of time

slowtumblinglife said...

i hear you on the lack of humour nowadays..

i think mine's gone on election duty.. (see what i mean!)


btw - if possible, convey my total disgust to the makers of Mint. They refer to the tuition hoardings as 'dotting patna's skyline'

as a proud resident of this sprawling maegapolis, let me point out that our skyline is 10 times higher than 2 feet!!!


narendra shenoy said...

@Chutney - Thanks!

@Anish - Thanks!

@Rukmani - Thanks!

@Idling - I'm going to take up your suggestion Sunday afternoon! (Luncheon)

@Pitu- :D And thanks!

@Anonymous - You really think so? have two people backing me up on this now. You and Idling. Off I go to uncork that champagne

@Karthik - Thanks!

@slowtumbling- LOL @ skyline!

Vivek said...

I had a list of passwords (From Usernames to ATM pins) saved on the PC in a very ingenious software (that I created I might add)that worked on a specific user account . I Lost it all when I forgot the password to one of the user accounts that contained the list!
Undone by sheer dumb.

buddy said...

intrestingly my fathwer glares at me too when the PC/his laptop/my laptop/any electronic device misbehaves.

its not our fault!

K.Ramachandran said...

Let's hope that IIT-mania curbs and eradicates gun-mania in Bihar . That would be a miracle, and a great boon to India. After that , we need to replace IIT-mania with genuine education- which is totally absent in exam-crazy India, except in a few schools like the KFI schools. Most Indian schools are merely gross exam-training centers.

Amrita said...

Was Mr. Anand Kumar serving celery? Coz that thing is evil and should get you shot.

AMIT said...

Hahaha nice written in nice way.Keep it up.

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lafemmereva said...

My first time on your blog!!! Nice blog!
I liked the punjabi unit of time reference!!! :)