Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a little something to break this blasted writer's block

Sunday morning. The missus has gone to the garden downstairs for a walk. I didn't go because I've got a cold. Nothing that a cetzin can't fix, but at 7 am the sneezes sound really loud. Loud enough to get me a reprieve.

Morning walks are very depressing for two reasons. One is the enthusiasm of virtually everyone there except you (in my case I secrely hope for a volcanic explosion or something) and the second is the fact that nearly everyone, despite evidently walking hard every day of their lives, is seriously fat.

So we have an exercise routine (walking in garden with great concentration so that you don't step into doggy do) which seems to have precious little in terms of desired effect (evidence - large number of seriously fat-assed people walking in garden). "Why bother?" is the question on my lips.  Unasked, of course, because when the missus is around, one does not ask such questions

We saw Avatar on Friday, the missus, the kids and I. In 3d, too. Everyone agreed it  was a superbly made film. The technology was simply awesome. The story was a brilliant metaphor about the senseless destruction of traditional habitats in the name of progress. A little heavy-handedly put across, perhaps, but then when you have important messages like this, you don't want to be too subtle.

I had a fundamental question myself. This pertains to the people inside the boxes, the guys who run the avatars with their mind control. What if they fart inside the box? But somethng told me it was not a good question to ask. Not philosophical enough. So I didn't ask it. Just listened to the missus and the boys discuss how awesome the movie was.

My older son gave the movie the ultimate compliment.

"Annie" he said, when I asked him if he had liked the movie, "It was awesome! The best movie I've ever seen!"

Then, reflecting on what he had said, added "It was better than 'Singh is King' ".

Now, when I press the "Publish" button and James Cameron reads it a few seconds later, a scream of joy will reverberate through the streets of Beverly Hills.

The younger son was equally agreed. "It was awesome!". He further expressed the hope that if they ever made it into a musical, they would have the good sense to call it "Avatar Sing"


Anonymous said...

The force, as Jai put it, is indeed strong in the next generation.

Chethana said...

Seriously, how did they leave the farting angle out of all our super hero stories? Hollywood just isn't profound enough.

Somebody Else said...

God you're so right about the serial walkers. Why are they so fat if they get on their routine e-v-e-r-y day and on time?

and what writers' block?

Cynic in Wonderland said...

look at it this way, if they are that svelte after walking everyday imagine how they must have been earlier.

Also same pinch on bloggers block.

Whinophile said...

Maybe we should show James "Pyaar Ka Saaya", and point out Avatar Gill, who looks like an electrocuted L K Adavani. :D

Havent seen Avatar yet, but saw 3 idiots. :D

SRK said...

ah Sunday mornings... starts at 12.00 with an order for home-delivered lunch... the only walk is to the loo :)

narendra shenoy said...

@krishashok - They get it from Mrs. Shenoy ;)

@Chethana - I had a friend in my childhood who speculated that Superman got all that flying ability because of a rocket up his ass. We pooh-poohed the suggestion because we could see no evidence in the DC comics we had, but who knows?

@somebody else - Some of the chaps - and ladies - who walk here look like two people stuck together with fevicol.

Writer's block because nothing funny is coming out from the keyboard. What a bore! thanks for the kind words, btw

@cynic - One shudders! Commiserations re the block. Hope you get kickstarted into writing something in your usual witty style.

@whinophile - Haha! Have a blast in Bengalooru. And check out all the great food!

@srk- You lucky so and so! Enjoy, enjoy, while enjoyment is there.

mentalie said...

i really think your kids should start writing a movie review column :D

sumit Das said...

Do your sons have a blog? If yes , post the link asap , and if not, don't ever let them . They will stop your hukka-paani in blogosphere.:D

Spaz Kumari said...

arey i jump on the sons-must-blog bandwagon. come on! make it a blog en famille. so much fun.

my empathies re cold, my nose is a leaky tap which will never be fixed because the plumber is on leave and anyway the chai-paani offered isn't to his standards.

do off one movie review no sirjee! rocket singh or paa or something.

Sachita said...

how about a narendra shenoy & sons blog or shenoy & sons?:)

Deepak G said...

me hv spent arnd 5 hrs of my office time on ur blog ( n intend to spend mooooooore)...just wntd to warn u my boss mite come hunting for u :)

Kavitha said...

Maybe it's time to hand the blog over to the progeny. They show such promise!

The Cloudcutter said...

Happy 2010 Naren! Wish you lots of happiness and joy and bottles of unpronounceable single malt!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Hey.. you dont need a walk.. you are so fit and smashing without that..

Hmm.. so!! feeling better now ;)

Nav said...

Hi Naren.. Hope after follwing your blog for a full one year I enter the inner circle that Is allowed to call you naren..The only new year resolution I ever made was last year -- to read the Autobiography of an ordinary man and have so effortlessly kept it. Wish you and your family a very happy new year. Look forward to reading your Autobirgraphy for many more years. Cheers