Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not Nought Nought Seven, surely!

'M' was staring right through her interlocutor, as if he did not exist.

"I said" he repeated "Bond will have to be recalled. Or very soon, we will have to liquidate him"

"I heard you, Sir Nigel", M said to the Home Secretary "I just can't believe it, that's all."

"Can't believe Bond could commit an indiscretion of this nature?" Sir Nigel said, "Come, now, you're surely not so innocent as to believe that people can't be queer and not show it?"

"I know, Sir Nigel, but Bond! He was such a ladies man. Miss Moneypenny will attest to the fact."

Miss Moneypenny blushed "Truth to tell, he never did a thing! I was rather hoping.. er.. that he would. No wood, it would seem"

"Thank you Miss Moneypenny" said M, acerbically, and sent the poor lady scuttering behind her desk, red eared.

"And you, M, shall have to answer why Bond was not vetted when you knew that several of his cousins were batting for the other team, so to speak. Michael Bond, first cousin. Robert Bond, uncle. John Bond, second cousin."

M was the picture of contrition. "I'm really sorry, Sir N. I ought to have known...'

'You are damn right you should have. Everyone knows that Bonds prefer gentlemen"


yogeshgk said...

ayyo rama...

Even Brook Bond will be at a loss

Spaz Kumari said...

the Boss is back!

parthicle said...

Is it "gentlemen prefer blondes"?

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Well, this one is OHT :(

Australopithecus said...