Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, 21st August 2010

I've just signed up for a site called which is a kind of online diary. Every day, it sends you a mail asking you how your day was and what you did, to which you sort of respond by pouring your heart out. I've done it for two days running now, and it looks like jolly good fun. It's private though. Understandable,because you could be writing anything, but in my case, the posts are dreadfully lacking in the saucier aspects. Age. Anyway, I thought I'd unleash the exhibitionist in me and put this on my blog. As long as I don't compromise anyone's privacy, should be fine, I thought. So here goes. Entry number one.

Had one of those tiffs with the missus. Subject being twitter, as usual.

"You're spending far too much time on twitter", she said, to which I responded with understandable outrage because compared to many on my timeline, I'm hardly on twitter at all. However this did not fit into her stalinist guidlines on conducting debates and much dudgeon occured. It was up to me to sign peace in the evening, following the tried and trusted technique of beginning with abject surrender. Life.

Went to Dahisar and handed over the staircase fabrication to poor impoverished Yatin. He is really a fine mind, Yatin is. Wish i could do something to harness it. He is also of a slightly ambiguous moral fibre, which makes unsupervised delegation a risky proposition.

Cooked Goa Sausages for dinner. Total WIN. Added a couple of potatoes and onions to my trusty non-stick pan, deskinned the sausages and added the meat, added a cupful of water and simmered the mess for about 10 minutes. Then, on an impulse, indulging in my core life philosophy that everything tastes better with cheese, I added a generous dollop of grated Gouda. The bread-wallah turned up around this time and I bought a dozen 'pao' from him.

Discovery - Pao goes beautifully with goa sausage curry.

Overcome by the beauty of the moment, I poured myself a fairly stiff Black Label with a little ice and water.

Discovery 2 -- Black Label goes beautifully with goa sausage curry.

Stayed away from the computer for the rest of the night. Gautham was whining away about being bored and being a whiskey down, I rashly suggested we should watch "Borat". Well, watch it he did. He laughed and laughed, if that's any consolation, but MY ears were mostly a bright red. What an outrageous movie to watch with your 13 year old son! I hope he doesn't
imbibe anything from it. Luckily, Sheela doesn't know anything about this or divorce would be imminent in the family.


The Cloudcutter said...

What did you have with Goa Sausages before this???? You HAVE to eat it with pao!
Borat with your son? You have to be the coolest dad ever.
Btw how different is the ohlife thingie from a blog anyway? Must try it out, like I do with every little thing invented online to help me waste more time.

narendra shenoy said...

@cloudcutter - LOL! We used to eat it with chapati. Not that I've eaten it all that often. Couple of times, at friends place. he's a fraud goan anyway. refuses to speak kinkani, for instance.
The online thing is good in a different way. since it is private, you can really write whatever comes to your mind. you cn never do this with a blog. and when you review it after a while, it's like seeing a snapshot of your mind. Awesom.

The Cloudcutter said...
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The Cloudcutter said...

How can he be a fraud Goan if he refuses to speak kinkini? Now konkani, that's another thing.... hahaha sorry couldn't resist.
Have you read my blog btw, I do all that and more :D
Later, it's like seeing a snapshot of my shrink's notes! (If I had a shrink that is)

parthicle said...

you wouldn't eat goan sausages if you see how they are made! (and what they are made of)
goans speak konkani, not kinkani;
try sorpotel next (with pao)

Giribala said...

Lucky kids to have a dad like you!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

woha.. what a way of hiding the facts from missue.. publish them in blog... guess the black label was still in effect :))

Scattered Thoughts... said...

woha.. what a way of hiding the facts from missue.. publish them in blog... guess the black label was still in effect :))

Gargi said...

Thank you so much for the link to! Its a great idea for a site.
Also, nice recipe for the Goa Sausage Curry. Is it really as simple and tasty as you make it out to be?

rk said...

Ouch! Watching Borat with a 13 yr old! Hmm....I couldn't even tolerate the language after the first 30 mins and I turned off the movie. But then again, I am a mom LOL!!!