Monday, November 24, 2008

Now SHE'S got a sore throat!

Yes, you read them headlines right! Mrs. Shenoy, lecturer par excellence on the evils of drinking beer and the connection thereof to dangerous infections of the larynx, pharynx and other members of the rynx family, is down with a sore throat!

Medical professionals are scratching their heads and trying their best to come up with a plausible theory as to how this might have happened.

A certain blogger with journalistic tendencies and closely related to her by marriage, is facing the brunt of the blame for this turn of events. "She must have gotten it from you" said her physician, Dr. Shenoy, who generally says things just to make his patients feel better.

This blogger is hotly contesting the issue, however. In the past week, he has been only spoken to. Always a man of very few words, he has been even quieter these past few troubled days, what with tonsils the size and appearance of tomatoes, compounded with the economic situation in the country that even the redoubtable Mr. Chidambaram seems nervous about.

In short, his trap has been shut so tight, no germs could have possibly escaped from it.

Thus he can only conclude that Mrs. S has been hitting the bar on the sly, as per her own theories. Empirical evidence is not considerable, true, but there are three fewer cans in the fridge than there were, before this happened.

One wonders!


maxdavinci said...

wonder if it was the constants lectures that gave her one!

give me yor location, I'll ask spock to beam some jager to the Shenoy household!

chutneycase said...

Must have been the lectures :P

Rada said...

Skating on thin ice, aren't we? :-)

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Oh...I am just concerned about the three missing cans.
Psst..psst...ask your sons

Anonymous said...

A clear case of tone-seal-itis! A few whispers in a dark movie theater will do wonders to reduce the germ load!

Partho said...

I think the defense, a certain Mr. Shenoy, is trying to muddle the obvious here. Having already contested the theory that drinking could give one a sore throat, he now turns around and uses it as a line of argument. The cleverly fabricated story of the missing cans reveals his evil scheme of slander by innuendo.
You better accept it sire,that she actually got it from you. I mean you want to stay alive, and married, what?

discombobulated said...

First my heartfelt apologies to the fine gentleman with journalistic tendencies for incorrectly labelling him as andropausal.The sesquipedalian specimen is full of vigour as ever.And mind you ignorami,he does not kiss and tell.So he is putting the blame of the sore throat on beer.Love makes one intoxicated...and thanks to you Mrs Shenoy we also know it gives u a sore throat.

Preeti said...

Poor her! A lil sympathy would be nice now, come on :P

Mahesh said...

I keep missing 3 cans an all. Though, by sheer coincidence, it only happens when I have drunk the other 3 of the six pack.

Next morning, nothing in the fridge, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Me wife swears she had nothing to do with it :)

Renu said...

Guess those antibiotics only made them germs smarter, they found another way out :)

Alfred E Neuman said...

This is a formula you might try - claim that SHE had a dormant sore throat first and gave it to YOU (of course the reaction was delayed in HER case). As Jeeves would say 'Its based on the psychology of the individual'.
Standard Disclaimer : I have tried it a few times and it did not work even once but then I have been married 12 years to the same woman!!

Vivek said...

My mother's sore throat is usually attributed to her singular son. It is eventually cured when the son disappears. :)
My sore throat is attributed to the high quantities of Mountain Dew that find their way into me in the cool Amdavad weather.
I am here after a VERY long time. (Mostly due to poor net connectivity where I am. Not loyalty reasons :)) It is just as funny as the first post I read!
Great to be Back!

narendra shenoy said...

@max- :D

@chutney- I am sure it was!

@rada- When she reads this post, yes!

@sowmya - I asked them. They profess ignorance.

@doc - these days she yells in whispers, which is kinda cute.

@Partho - Of course I want to stay alive. What appears in this blog is different from what I say at home

@discombobulated - :D No, no, just hooch, no smooch

@Preeti - I know. It's just that I'm enjoying her inability to yell at me!

@Mahesh -I take it that you're accusing me of having consumed the 3 missing cans. Maybe you're right, maybe not. As the matter is sub-judice, I am not in a position to comment

@renu - :D

@alfred -something tells me it's not going to work here either. In my case, 16 years.

@vivek - I have a nice Amdavad anecdote which I should make into a post, since it is longish. CHeers

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I really really hope you are safe in Mumbai, Shenoy sir!

Ram said...

Dude, you ok?

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

hope u haven't been attending any more of those parties at Oberoi or Taj hotels, by any chance. Ur safe, rt, Mr. Shenoy?