Friday, November 28, 2008

There they go again, the angry citizens

If I hear the phrase 'intelligence failure' again, I'm going to scream. Not that anyone cares, but still.

You morons, obviously it is an intelligence failure. If it were not, it would be collusion, wouldn't it, knowing that terrorists are coming and doing nothing about it?

It's called Bayesian probability.

Given that a terror attack has happened, what is the probability that the security forces did not know about it in sufficient detail? One.

In other news, this jerk, a film maker named Rahul Dholakia is angry because when he drives from Lokhandwala to film city, he can't see a single armed policeman. Heard that, guys? Out of the Taj, please. Man the road to Film city. Rahul is VERY upset.

And more jerks like that abound, making my blood pressure go high. None of these idiots have any pertinent suggestions.

Like administrative reforms, giving more independence to the police, liberating them from the clutches of elected representatives.

A wage structure that gives policemen and army personnel some compensation for hardships faced, as opposed to IAS officers, say, in the animal husbandry department.

Allowing control of purchase of hardware to go from the Deputy Director of Stores, or Additional Comptroller General in charge of staple pins, X-ray machines, 90 mm Howitzers and Other Security Items, who would probably buy cast iron bullet proof vests, to the police themselves who might have a vested interest in buying something which allows a little mobility as well.

Oh no. We have the anger brigade still. And today, Alyque Padamsee wants to know why we can't use sleeping gas, instead of tear gas. Gee! Didn't know he had a MD in Anaesthesia.

UPDATE: Just read this superb post, an insider view on a police officer's life. This is the way things are, in our country. Needs to be changed.


discombobulated said...

RIGHT U R thought for those policemen who r on duty almost24*7 with a pittance for a wage.And to prevent these attacks we need 1:1 ratio of ppl to police.So mayebe we can guard evry pillar and post!we need to get at root of this islamic terrorism and hit it there

Ram said...

Any idiot who thinks the police dint do their job is, well, an idiot. The top three police officials directly entered the line of fire!

What more can somebody do to show he is committed, except lay down his life!


Susa said...

True, everyone is an expert now. Which he/she has to demonstrate by hitting out at the police. Only the ones that havent died fighting the terrorists yet though .They are, after all sensitive citizens..

Anonymous said...

My dear friends: I lost a college friend: ACP Ashok Kamte in this war. I dont think you understand what I was saying. The administraion (politicians/ intelligence and others responsible for governance of society) have failed. There is no guarantee that they will again. No one is asking the police to be pulled out from Taj.. what I am saying is that what is the assurance a citizen gets when he leaves his home- there were armed men who have been shooting on streets.. so where is the security ? What are the measures ? Is any one accountable ???
Rahul Dholakia

Ram said...

@rahul: "what is the assurance a citizen gets when he leaves his home"

There is no assurance. And this is not due to a government failure. It is due to Islamic terrorism.

As I see it we are sitting ducks. When you are ready to die, it is easy to blow up a building and take another 1000 down with you!

memsaab said...

Glad you and your family are okay. The city and all its people are in our thoughts even here in the US...

chokkathangam said...

heh.. morons definitely.. but one thing.. the intelligence failure thing - its like if u get even incomplete information about an impending attack, you try to predict the attack and try to beef up security.. thats the role of intelligence ops.. if they fail, well, no one can really blame them, but only suggest they were 'unintelligent'. if you go thru any of fred forsyth's books, you'll see what i am talking about.

just a faintest hint of information is used to deconstruct the plot of the baddies and they are brought to book in the end. may not mirror real life, but one gets the picture.

also, i am not claiming intelligence failed. just suggesting there is a possibility

narendra shenoy said...

@Rahul - SOrry to speak rudely about you. I was a little upset, no offence meant. It is completely against my policy to abuse or insult anyone, so apologies once again.

But as regards the assurance thing, like Ram said, this is terrorism. By its very nature, innocent citizens are targets. And we're sitting ducks, because we can't defend everybody. No security agency can really guarantee safety. They can just work towards reducing the probability of terrorism happening

As regards accountability, our country is founded on the lack of it. Everyday we see gross dereliction of duty, and it is always unpunished. The general response of a government servant, when questioned by the general citizen, is go fuck yourself.It is up to us to ask for that to be changed NOW, in terms of administrative reforms.
1. Responsible people to be identified.

2. Responsible people to be sacked and investigated when anything goes wrong in their area of responsibility

3. Responsible people to be given authority to sack and investigate anyone under their command who commits dereliction of duty or otherwise fails in his job.

Something like that. Merely announcing that our politicians are corrupt will not achieve anything. Everyone knows they are. Everyone knows they will continue to be so.

Even today, Rahul, even this morning, Vilasrao could transfer the police commissioner to Security Incharge of Animal Husbandry Centre in Gadchiroli district if he didn't like the way he speaks. Should Vilasrao have that power? I think not.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Sure thing. And then we can still crib about how we are all checked in every airport and how 'unsafe' I feel in my mind with so many police men around.

It is in our hands too. Frankly.

Devil Incarnate said...

Well even i was wondering, whether those stupid politiciens had to really do all those dramas in the mid of such a tragedy.

And all our PM had to say on this entire things is "He will take action" But what action? I really wish if he stop giving those stupid speeches and really do some fearless actions against these people.

Coconut Chutney said...

Bullseye! Even if our governemtn spent half of what they spend on printing vinyl posters of their fat faces on intelligence, we could have intercepted these guys.

sthitapragnya said...

You bet police need to be more equipped! Apparently, there were instances when some of them used lathis to counter AK-56s! I mean, come on! The govt. had better wake up and spend more in arming the police force. God bless the souls of the brave policemen, Army and NSG commandos who died in the line of duty!

thunderskies said...

about policemen.. i hv a uncle who is a policeman, so was my grandpa. Its not an easy life at all. he is serving the police dept for the past 20 yrs n he still lives in a 500 sq.ft apt.! every festival he has bandobast duty. he slogs for such long hrs. Life is difficult.
U cant blame the security services.
U cant blame the medical services. U cant blame the fire dept. They are not even given basic protective gear.

We need to take responsibilty as citizens as well. We are the ones who vote for these politicians, u know. Why doesnt the sensible and the educated stand up in elections then?

Are all muslims who follow islam terrorists? We dont know. BUt isolating a community like that.. they are bound to feel insecure/afraid. its not the terrorists we have to eradicate. They are a bunch of brainwashed youngsters. Its the ideology of terrorism that needs to b ended. I dont know how we go about it.

sorry for the rantings. M just a bit upset.
But it is time to act now.

thunderskies said...

i hope we dont just pick from where we left off. I hope that officers who laid down their lives didnt do that in vain.
I hope that this doesnt happen to anyone else -- everybody is somebody's son/father/mother/sister...

We have to stop feeling helpless, keep blaming and understand that anyone can bring about change.

Preeti said...

Oh man, really! it was really annoyin to see the 'angry' citizens rant on on stuff that frankly dint even seem connected to the issue at hand! Givin credit where it is due is somethin we need to learn...

And like u said, there dfinitely has been a security lapse...agreed, but it's hapened now, so right now, thoughts shud be on hw to strengthen it rahter than pointin fingers at what could've been!

Besides, i dont know...i maybe wrong but what's with this 'resilience and mumbai' thing? I mean mumbaikars bein bugged with bein called rsilient...? agreed this hAPpened in mumbai - but it was hardly targeted at mumbai! they r a bunch of sadistic morons with bombs instead of brains - who just realised 'hey mumbai is the closest to pakistan' and hitchhiked a ride in...It was meant to terrorize indians! this whole 'spirit' 'enough is enough'..irritatin!

U know what i think? it's time india came up with laws where every family has to send their sons (or daughters) for military singapore and the US n stuff...rather than merely churnin out engineers n doctrs by the millions!

Renu said...

What our police lack is probably not in spirit itself, but in training. Read the foll link, but I still think I wouldn't want to judge based on that, because frankly, I (like so many others here) have absolutely no clue.

Deepti said...

dear mr.shenoy,
your wife better look out! i am alling in love with you and your writing!
your ability to turn the gravest situation into a damnningly humourous one is ur grtest ability...!!!
maybe you shoud consider taking over woodhouse???

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

About the general reactions - I've lomg ago learnt to live with the fact that 98% of the world's population are morons. When you're in public service, the percentage seems higher.

Thanks for the link to the post on an IPS officer's life. Loved it, with one reservation that I have noted in a comment there.


scorpiogenius said...

Mumbaikars have every reason to be angry; this is just a natural chain reaction flowing from the people who toils hard to keep this wonderful place alive. Mumbai has a certain life to it which I doubt if any city in India, or even the world( with the exception of NY) can replicate. This character is born from its citizens who love their city more than themselves..

So its perfectly reasonable that Mumbaikers giving vent to their feelings in their own personal ways..So if someone is complaining that the road he drives on is still not protected, we have the responsibility to listen.

Because I believe Mumbai has helped build India, and they dont deserve what has just happened to them...