Friday, February 26, 2010

Trying to be funny can be injurious to health.

The boys were sitting on the bed, watching TV.

They watch the most ridiculous shows by the way, and in a dazed manner which gives no indication of whether they are enjoying anything, or indeed recieving anything at all.

I forget what it was they were watching just then - Rahul ka Swayamvar would be my guess - but their demeanour was not unlike that of UN delegates when the general assembly is in session. Spaced out, if you know what I mean.

"Guys", I said enthusiastically, "know what? I just realised that your mom is from Northeast India!"

I continued beaming brightly, waiting for one of them to ask me "Northeast? Northeast India? Why?". No such luck.

"She's from Mysore, Annie. That's in Karnataka. Which is a state in southern India" said the elder one after a while, in a bored manner.

"I know that! I know that!" I continued beaming. "You know why I said your mom is from Northeast India?"

The silence continued for  a few moments. The younger one spoke up.

"Ok, Annie. Why?"

"Because she's from Nagaland!"

A look of puzzlement greeted me.

"Nagaland! Nagger-land! Get it?"

Silence plus grave look.

"What? I asked. I was getting a little frustrated now.

"Annie", the elder one spoke gently, "the Northeastern countryperson is standing behind you"



Stony silence

"Just a joke that occured to me"

"Boys, would you mind going to your rooms for a moment? Annie and I have something to discuss"

The boys disappeared.

"Since when have I been nagging you?"

"Er, it was... I mean I was just.."

"Continue. I'm listening"

"I'm sorry, dash it. I just thought of Nagaland and Nagger land and made up a joke"

"Very nice. And for that I am going to let you spend the weekend without touching a drop of alcohol. I'm sure that is alright with you? Or would you like to extend the holiday a bit longer?"

I slunk away quietly but the dryness of the weekend stares me in the eye. It will take a small miracle, I tell you.

Which is why I hesitate to tell you the tale of Emperor Frederic of Prussia. If Nagaland can de-booze me for the weekend, Prussia could potentially do me in for a month. (But I will tell the story of Emperor Frederic, if you promise not to breathe a word to the missus. Ok, gotta run now. Catch you all tomorrow)


sriks7 said...

You are are pulling off the impossible.

Making us wait in anticipation for your groaners :)

Can wait to hear your next one.

sriks7 said...

prev comment shoudl read

CAN'T wait..

Scattered Thoughts... said...

And I am sure you will find a way to turn the dry days other way around.. and I am sure we will get to know about the emperor pretty soon :)

sumit Das said...

I think drinking alcohol is injurious to health. So since you are off it, it is actually good for your health.

Neha said...

small incidents happening in a day can make out humour with one not even realizing it! first time here on your blog and it was a good read.


mentalie said...

de-booze!!! HAHAAHAH!

Deepak G said...

lol all the best for the wknd...

Raju said...

I am going to tell the police that there is a new kind of terrorist on the prowl.

Sandeep said...


Mumbai_ite said...

Waiting for the one how you came to be called Annie ....

fan of yours ..

Maddy said...

thoroughly engaging - i have to get more tips from you on what not to say to the nagas

Anonymous said...

lol . . :D

Shwetha Maiya said...

PJ King :D

Saya said...

lol.. hilarious