Sunday, January 25, 2009

When a dork attends a fashion show

Fashion Models ecstatic at seeing the world's worst dressed
person (Shri N. Shenoy of Mumbai, India) in the audience

Ms. Kaif is overwhelmed and publicly asks for Shri Shenoy's autograph

I'm not normally this candid about my flaws but I'm in an unusually honest mood tonight. Must be the republic day spirit. Or a Ramalingam Raju moment. You know, the impulse that makes you confess to 7000 crore rupee frauds just out of the goodness of your heart.

The fact is, dear reader, I am a dork. A yahoo. A hick. A style Govinda. No, make that Bappi Lahiri. And when I was alloted the front row at a fashion show (courtesy the designer's sister, who is married to one of my best friends), the eyes misted over. This was not unlike putting Dr. Mallya on the dais at a meeting of the Alcoholics Anonymous. Or Shri Amar Singh at the head of the Ethics in Politics discussion forum. Or Shri Goldie Behl on the Oscars jury. Or Shri Tendulkar in the Baritone section of a choir. Or.... ok, you get the idea.

I saw Katrina Kaif, and she is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Mrs. Shenoy. Close runners up in the beauty stakes are Waluscha Robinson and Nethra Raghuraman. Let me summarize

Beautiful people

1. Sheela Shenoy
2. Katrina Kaif
3. Waluscha Robinson
4. Nethra Raghuraman

Style Disasters

1. Narendra Shenoy
2. Narendra Shenoy
3. Bappi Laahiri
4. Govinda

Ciao, folks, and happy republic day, a day where the president takes a day off from her formal duties (selecting curtain cloth for the Rashtrapati Bhavan windows) and supervises the parade.


Idling in Top Gear said...

This one should have come with a picture of self in attire like the last post. :)

And that Nethra Raghuraman gives me hope that my mom will find hot Tam Bram women come arranged marriage time!

Coconut Chutney said...

"Almost as beautiful as mrs.shenoy"

:) Awwww... :) :)

DeeplyDip said...

lol...would love to have a look at the curtains she choses ;)

Vivek said...

Tat was quite a fashion statement!
"Almost as beautiful as Mrs Shenoy"
Did SOMEONE'S presence behind you make you add this line?

Anna Bond said...

"Almost as beautiful as Mrs Shenoy"
well played my friend. well played.

Maddy said...

but shenoygaru - who chose that shirt? tried some of that modern figure hugging shirts? on second thoughts mebbe not. and stay off brylcream. the lady sitting next to u looked gorgeous though...

rads said...

Such an 'aw' post! :D

dammit, mrs. shenoy's one lucky woman! Okay, I know you are luckier, but she sure is. :|

Gradwolf said...

waah....where are pics of waluscha and nethra? where!!

Arun Sundar said...

A great philosopher once said, "Handsomeness is a virtue of modesty!"


Anonymous said...

And that carnation on the lapel...! How could you, Mr. Sane-noy? It gave you quite a gay look, and you carried it off like a Ravana a Sita. Of course, one could nitpick that Ravana was not gay in any sense, but neither are you in the modern sense! Mrs. Shenoy does look posh and good, but it must be that rose effect. Possibly the one in the tint of your glasses.
Seriously, she is, as girls call me, hot!

gauri said...

Preeti is indeed beautiful - beats them all :)

But you do know brownie points don't fetch real brownies, don't you? ;)


Ram said...

Was there a gun to your head? Or did Mrs Shenoy write this?

narendra shenoy said...

@Idling- Nethra looked like she wanted to get married. I'll put in a word.....

@Chutney - These are the little things that keeps our marriage running. Flattery, flattery and flattery. BTW, your diarrhoea joke(running in the jeans) is a big hit in chez Shenoy!

@Deeply - :D

@Vivek - Only amateurs ask such questions!

@Anna - Thanks

@Maddy - Said shirt, though it looks like Part A of two Part night suit, is a legitimate designer shirt, the EMIs for which I'm still paying!

@rads - Thanks!

@wolf - I seem to have omitted to have clicked their pics. Lust Induced Brain Freeze, as Dave Barry calls it

@Arun - Thanks!

@doc - The thought has independently occured to her!

@gauri - Hey, that's Sheela! Thanks, btw. She's a dish, isn't she?

@Ram - You cynic, you! :D

Anonymous said...

Naren-- which thought: that she is hot, or I am?

maxdavinci said...

whoa! narenji and katty kaif!

never thought i'd use the two in a same sentence!

gauri said...

Damn!Hate it when faux pas are indelible. Now that's some beauty, isn't it?! To make even women forget what they meant to say? :-|


Preeti said...

Mrs. S looks super fab - way, way, WAY better than katrina or anyone else...and flattery certainly seems to be the way the game is played ;)

Btw, Adi, Nethra is already married...quite a while back actually - to that nut called Ash Chandler...

SRK said...

first the rippling muscles...
then katrina kaif...

me waiting for the post which says you shot a black buck or two...

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Ms. Shenoy is Lovely. Having said that some questions
a) have you been partaking of some triglycerides?
b) have you dl any videos of enterprising young women recently
c) Ms. Shenoy was standing behind you as you wrote this

Anish said...

Mr. Shenoy, do you think Mrs. Shenoy's blog (Don't worry, PANIC!) is Mrs. Shenoy's way of giving you the judgmental raised eyebrow and the stiff upper lip online?? :-P

Anonymous said...

yeah nethra's married to an acquintance called ashwin(who strangly wants to be known as ash chandler)

u might recommend katrina...single, sexy,silly and stinkin rich!

narendra shenoy said...

@doc- Touche!

@max - Sample sentences "Ms. Kaif recoiled in horror upon seeing SHri SHenoy"
"Ms. Kaif though Shri Shenoy was a Ripley exhibit"

@gauri - he who has faux pas comes from a polyandrous society

@Preeti - On behalf of Shrimati SHenoy, I thank you! Nethra's married? To someone who chandles ash? Adi is WAY better, I think. Lets talk to young Nethra.

@srk - *chuckle*

@cynic - Thanks for the compliment to Shrimatiji.
Answers to you questions a and c are "yes"
Re question b, are you clairvoyant?

@Anish- She made me start that blog and then steadfastly refused to write anything. Maybe there is something in your diagnosis!

@anonymous - Ash Chandler! Perhaps the chandlers come in various wood finishes. Birch. Maple. Teak. Mahogany perhaps. Katrina is spoken for, though, by a lad whose biceps measurement is greater than his iq.

gauri said...

ROFL! gem!

I'm going to use it :-D with a "heard somewhere"


Anonymous said...

ash chandler is a yahoo... completely.. he thinks he's a good stand up artist..

i met this guy in atlanta once, and we got to talk and he said "keep in touch, my email id is i love to keep in touch with my fans" later i came to know he had had a french galphrend and that i will noway be hid "fan"

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Oh no!
I can imagine me wearing something like this in such a situation.
I am not alone, I guess.
Reassuring post :|


blinkandmiss said...

super duper blog.

please don't kill me for saying this, as i don't mean to be rude or anything, just a funny thing i noticed. you and your wife seem to have identical noses!!! :) i swear, take a poll if you don't believe me.

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

Self deprecation. Wife non-deprecation. Respect. Much skillz have been shown.

Maria said...

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