Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After  posting those atrocious puns I got properly ticked off by a few regular readers. So introspection time.

I've always had a weakness for groaners but I have to admit that they're usually not ha-ha funny. Funny is something like this Wiodehouse gem "Lord Emsworth could conceive of no way in which his son Frederick could be of any use to a dog biscuit firm, except possibly as a taster."

And yet I find groaners to be a great source of amusement. A kink in  my character, no doubt.

Probably stems from a troubled childhood. I was once punished for cutting my neighbour's hair in third grade craft class. And I did a great job too, byt the lad's mother took a dim view of the happenings - strange, because I distinctly remember doing it for free - and created no end of a ruckus, demanding that my parents be summoned and reprimanded.

 My parents of course refused to turn up but my mother very sportingly offered to pay for shaving the guy bald. This further angered auntyji, for some reason, but by this time everyone from the principal down were heartily sick of all that scremaing and shouting and I was sentenced to write "I will not cut anyone's hair" one hundred times, cruelly cutting short what was surely a promising career in the hair-stylist industry. Just the other day Yves St, Laurent was lamenting the lack of good hair professionals in the industry.

Anyway, all that is neither here nor there. The missus is temporarily absent, having decamped to Mysore and Bangalore for a week. We are all missing her terribly of course, and here's a video to prove it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSnnu8Za6y8

They're having exams too. The older son has his Class X exams - the boards -  coming up. Currently they're conducting "prelims" which is sort of net practice. He is ice cool and considers it beneath himself to show any sign of fear or panic, thank goodness.

The younger son also has some species of tests at school but he is even more cool. He has developed a fascination for a genre of music called death metal which involves, as far as I can see, screaming in different keys. The older son and I call it POWA music - acronym for Piles Operation Without Anaesthetic - which is what we are reminded of when we listen to those bright little compositions.

What else?.... Oh yes, on the weekend I went with some friends to this very trendy place called The Blue Frog. They had a DJ playing what is called electronica music. I was sipping a beer called Hoegaarden which looked a lot like sugarcane juice. It tasted very nice though. Very different. And after 5 or 6 of them, very communicative. I started spotting lyrics in the electronica music. Very strange lyrics I must say. For instance, one number went "I am a lingayat". I swear that's what the voice kept saying over and over again. I was ticked off by my friends for being sloshed, but I am sticking to my story. The next number was "idlis don't bite" but by this time, I was gently ushered into the car and driven home.

The missus is back tomorrow. She keeps calling - "to check-up on the kids", she says - but she wants the low down on all that I'm up to. She misses me, which makes me feel kind of nice.

And I miss her too.


Idling in Top Gear said...

Hoegaarden is great beer! Lol @ idlis don't bite.

And how do your put the young Shenoys up to stuff like this, considering this is stuff their prospective girlfriends can find on the Internet at a later date? :D

Siddharth said...

ROFL at POWA! And yeah, I have heard of the shortfall in hair cutting industry. Is your specialization the Ghajini cut?

Deepak G said...

intelligent ploy mister...i think u bot in the mrs and the sons to avoid getting a fatwa on ur head

Juggler said...

Contrary to Idling's view, I think you have very positively affected your son's chances of hitching up with the really cool girls. And you come as a perk. Why not??!!

And I'm sure the missus, when she sees the video, would feel very missed indeed :D

narendra shenoy said...

@idling - The guys are total hams. All that is voluntary. I passed on your message :)

@Siddharth - I think I could do a decent Ghajini. One of those "paisa vasool" haircuts that we were encouraged to have as kids. Chop it so short you don't have to go to the barber's for a couple f months atleast

@deepak - :) Things were getting kind of hot!

@juggler - Thanks! You're very kind. The kids try to hush me up though, when with their friends. My role is usually to smile benevolently and finance the purchase of icecream

Gradwolf said...

I agree with Juggler. Just like the kids and you, there are some tasteful girls out there! Super awesome video!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

oh my god.. now when we are addicted to your groaners, you are trying to introspect..

BTW, the video link doesnt work for me.. if its just for me or someone else also had the error?

mentalie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! that video's definitely the opposite of a groaner! and you're kids are clearly as phenomenally gifted as you :D lucky mrs.shenoy!

Nowhere Man said...

Oh the humanity :P

@Juggler : Damn..so this is what the "really cool girls" are into these days? Why didn't I get the memo? ( Wait we better not go down that obvious line of reasoning..)

The "music" - such as it is - looks like the the electric shock was being sent through the body than through the guitar. With the "cool" belles preferring this what option we poor Beethoven loving,immaculately dressed. politely clapping,orgasming at Beethoven's ninth symphony and secretly hoping the 'date' would sleep with us - have a chance really ?

The end is nigh. time for some mega death...

Lazy Pineapple said...

Idlis don't bite- You must be sloshed though you deny vehemently.

The music of today's younger generation really makes me happy that I am not of their generation.

Love your funnies. Keep them coming :)

wineye said...

I loved tht beer Naren.. dint have such effects on me !! all d moolah down d drain ;)