Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The song of Hairy Princess

Ok, one last shot at reclaiming my status as a bad-ass punster -  a rep that has been severly damaged - nay, decimated - by Raghuvanshr, Chutneycase, KrishAshok and Notytony , who have been making more atrocious puns than previously thought possible under the Universal Cosmological Theory of the Life Universe and Everything. If this doesn't work, you can find me in the Himalayas

O hear my song, a tale of old
Some cowardly men, some brave and bold
A tale of yore my father told
Okay okay I'll move on

It concerns Princess Rapunzel
A lass whose name surely rings a bell
Her life was verily a living hell
Hmm. Maybe not THAT bad

As you have heard, she had lots of hair
Not just on the head, but every where
She hadn't even an inch to spare
I'm sure you get the idea

In fact one groped to find the word
Fur-tive? No! That's sly, you nerd
Hair-assed? That's where it's most covered
No, wait, I think it's "hirsute"

Well Prince Charming through the clouds did float
Crossed the ramparts and jumped over the moat
He wove her hair into a gossamer coat
A gorgeous, flowing, Wedding Dress

"I love you,beautiful. Will you be mine
I have a hair fetish, so we'll get along fine
Plus I can weave it back should it untwine"
The princess prompt accepted

And that's how the prince won joy from sorrow
Because wisdom from the ancients he did borrow
He'd been always told "Hair today, gown tomorrow"
Yes, they lived happily ever after


Anonymous said...


Much as this was an intended ploy
For readers to be tortured and themselves annoy
You just go ahead and pull a Shenoy
They don't call you a genius for nothing.


Deepak G said...

Mental agony. wr do i sue u? mumbai courts or chennai courts? wat does the IT Act 2000 say? any cyber law experts here to help me? :)

TasteMaster said...

First comment on your blog. You have a way with words. :)
Any chance your post was inspired by Asterix the Gaul?

@Deepak G

Keep your hair on, lets not split hairs over this :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

Yo Naren Yo..

Now how about a voice clip while you singing it.. :P

a video will be all the more better.. dressed up like


BTW, what does "last" mean in your dictionary?

mentalie said...

oh god! i'm torn between recoiling in horror and falling in love with your literary magnificence / terrorism...

Siddharth said...

Your poetry so clear,
readers need not fear,
like ferrari in top gear,
You transcend from prose to poetry.


The Cloudcutter said...

What gives Mister? If you want me to stop reading your blog, just write about cricket or something equally boring to me. Don't put in so much effort please!
It's time to bring Sheela back NOW. Or at least put one of the boys in charge till then!
You have just broken my cyber heart.... sigh!

Anonymous said...

hehehe hehehehe... this was gooood!! :D


Anonymous said...

Awesome :D

Preeti said...

Loved it! ROFL!

Prema said...

Ewww....for the whole hair thing..but thumbs up for the wierd imagination.