Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mommy, I'm a guest poster

Since most of my readers are deep thinkers it is difficult to guess what they're thinking about at any given moment. But I'm willing to hazard a guess. Upon reading the title to this post, the deep thought uppermost in their minds would be "Huh?".

Time therefore to enlighten the puzzled millions. I have written a guest post on Rads' page.
She invited me to write a post on her page, a move which most prudent people would readily describe as reckless. Luckily, it was one of my more lucid days and I have actually written a deeply researched and sensitive post on a major issue confronting the world, namely the health of the Chief of the Meteorological Office in Mumbai. Future historians will probably rank it with Gilgamesh and the Illiad as an epic. People tell me that Padmalakshmi has been looking for my address, evidently having recognized Salman Rushdie for the dweeb that he is and decided to find herself a better writer.

I know that you must be waiting eagerly to find out what this post is about. I would love to find out too, because I had been sampling a bit of wine for research purposes at the time of writing it. Thus the memory registers are blank so far as the details are concerned.

Well, I guess we'll have to wait for Madam Rads to unleash the beast on us. She has promised to do this on Friday, so till then we will wish her good health (her knee is being operated upon) and continue biting our nails.

Update: Here's the link


chutneycase said...

A kodak moment no doubt! Bring on the papparazzi! :D

Shruti said...

I cant find ur post there :( ..why dont u give a link to the post?

Rada said...

Good luck to Rads!

As they say, fortune favours the brave!

maxdavinci said...

its the season of guest posts! who better than apna desi PG to do one..

cant wait to read sir..

Anonymous said...

When I saw the link, I thought the guest post was already up, only to be disappointed to find rads whining about going to the hospital! :P (No offence rads! Friends! Friends!) Waiting to see your post! *finger nails bitten, going for the toes*

Sucharita Sarkar said...


came to you via a link on JAP's blog

seems I caught you right when you're on the cusp of fame, fortune and femme fatales (lakshmiparvati, are you listening?). Do publish the link to allow us mere mortals to get a glimpse of your gilgamesh.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Arre, looks like the next thing for you is a book deal!

Amrita said...

Today rads, tomorrow The Economist!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

i went, i saw, i waited.