Friday, July 10, 2009

Damned if I can come up with a title for this one

This is really the name of a building in Bombay. Kanjur Marg, to be precise. Saw it on my way to Bhandup in a train.

Tell me, guys, what you think about this anecdote.

There was an officer in an important position in the government who kept sending in expense accounts with a head in them called "Sundari Expenses". These expense accounts would go through auditors, of course, but they would usually let it pass, assuming them to be Sundry Expenses. Chuckling perhaps, at the typo, but thinking no more about it.

It took a young, diligent (and highly jobless) auditor to actually go into it deeply. He found out that the said "Sundari" was actually this officer's mistress and he had faithfully recorded every expense made on her behalf out of government funds. Sadly for him, his honesty was not given the credit given to people like George Washington and Mahatma Gandhi, which is so discriminatory. The point is, I thought this story was very funny but virtually everyone I've told it to gives me a polite 'ha ha' and I can almost see the 'does this guy have all his marbles' thoughts passing through their heads. And Sheela, following her policy of being frank and forthright about my faults, told me that it was the rottenest joke she had heard this century.

Am I really losing it?

P.S. I composed a Ogden Nash like poem in the guy's honor

The cause of my financial distress
Is the fact that I have a mistress

Rather clever, don't you think? Definitely not the work of someone losing his marbles.


le embrouille blogueur said...

Clearly ...they miss your sense of humor ....during the current "rainbow" noise could also be "Sundar" expenses ....what say you ??

narendra shenoy said...

le embrouille - LOL @ Sundar expenses!

v said...

I think the poem summed it all up.

Bea Walker said...

hehe, I agree with "sundar" expenses - after all boy toys need boy toys too :P...I'd say count those marbles again - there may be a scarce one or two missing - sorry sir, the scale tips a tad towards Sheela on this one - you still very much remain a giggle grabber though :)

Coconut Chutney said...

Auditing is a noble profession, is it not?

At this junction, I'd like to try an Ogden Nash myself.

"The brightest boy in the class is made a monitor
The most jobless, an auditor"

Coconut Chutney said...

Pardon my english, i meant "at this juncture".

Talking about my future profession makes me so excited i forget my english.
And sometimes, my marbles.

narendra shenoy said...

@coconut - Hahaha!
Training to be an auditor means
Working towards excellence in counting beans
And classifying those beans under various heads
Though if you get creative you could end up facing the Feds.
To be a felon you don't need a gun
As discovered by PWC and Arthur Andersen

indiegurl said...

re ogden-nash thingie - honestly? not as good as your usual effortless genius.

but the attempt is ADORABLE :D