Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Dear Diary stuff

This is really addictive, this 'dear diary' stuff. I mean, if you want to write about current affairs or economic implications or whatever you need to be in touch with what is happening in the world.

"And brains".

Thank you, Sheela.

Ok, here goes. After watching the movie "Hangover", which incidentally we watched with (preen) Konkona Sen and Ranveer Shorey (who incidentally has a pot belly. Cool! My brother!) we watched "Ice Age 3" , in 3d, with the kids and my mom. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Actually they (my family, not Konkona and Ranveer) had set out to watch "New York", which I refused to view unless physically threatened with fire-arms. I carried a book and decided to sit in the food court reading. Perhaps a foot note is in order here - I do not watch Yash Raj Films movies because of the Punjab ke kheta that tend to spring out of nowhere without warning, usually to a song involving Rabba and Shahrukh Khan which is known to lead to large scale suicide by non-regenerating brain cells used for important thought processes such as selecting an appropriate alcoholic beverage. I'm not made of brain cells you know. The one's I have I want to last the full 100 years or whatever.

"There's no Shahrukh Khan in this movie" said the missus

But I didn't trust her. You can never trust women when it comes to SHahrukh Khan. To any human with a Y chromosome in his body, it is self evident that SRK is a loser, ugly-pug, detestable fraud who thinks a fake stammer is histrionics. But you can't say that to a woman. She will claw your face and you will be lucky to possess the same number of nuts you were born with after she is done with you.

Luckily for me, "New York" turned out to be full, which is how we landed up for a kiddy movie which made more sense than all the YashRaj movies till date.

In other news, I just read that Google is launching a new OS. This is a straight threat to Microsoft, say the analysts. Yeah sure. People have been giving away, for free, Linux OSes better in all respects than Bill's little offerings, immune to viruses and hackers, and Linux - all flavours put together - still has less than 1% of the share. People want to pay money to Bill. I don't know why - probably his body - but they do. It is one of the facts of nature, like gravity or the insistence of the Chinese that every piece of land on earth was once an integral part of their country and they want it back.

And it is official. The movie "Kambakht Ishq" is the worst movie in the world. One of my favorite bloggers once told me that he wanted to make, for World Record purposes, the worst movie in the world and he had decided to name it "Chandni Chowk to Drona". Well his job just got harder. Beating "Kambakht Ishq" is likely to be impossible "even for me" as Akshay Kumar himself admitted.


Coconut Chutney said...

Akshay kumar outflops himself yet again? That is impressive.

Ranju said...

you hate Shahrukh Khan just like my hubby...maybe you guys are jealous of him :D
loved Ice age-3 !!!

psst Sheela, did you read this? '' it is self evident that SRK is a loser, ugly-pug, detestable fraud who thinks a fake stammer is histrionics. ''

le embrouille blogueur said...

Poor Akshay ..just when he thought he would get a chance to act .....KI came his way ...!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'm seriously offended. You just a-k-k-k-k-ccused me of having Y chromosome. You're not getting away with this.

Oh hang on:
If you have Y chr. ==> you think SRK is a loser.
Not necessarily B implies A. Phew!
(Never mind; you got away this time :P)


PS: So I guess Jo ( is not a good movie either? They keep saying "Kambaqhth Ishq hai Jo" :-|
(ok I'm going, jeez!)

Idling in Top Gear said...

I love 3-D animated kids movies - they have way more interesting plots than most regular movies!

Re: Google OS, I think unlike Linux, which is a brand known mostly to hardcore computer dudes and market analysts, Google has instant name recognition with almost every single web user! The second plus point that google has is that its products are known for their ease of use. Regardless of how easy Linux is, it still has a stigma of "advanced users only" associated with it, leading most users to not even give it a try. Plus, the final point is that Windows comes preloaded on most computers! Should GOOG armtwist or incentivize say Compaq/ HP/ Dell etc to ship Chrome installed as the OS on new computers, they would have already won half the game. :)

mani300bc said...

I am yet to meet a guy who likes SRK, and yet to meet a lady who doesn't like him! (Same story with the missus here too!)

Someday, Bollywood will grow up and and we won't have SRK types anymore on the screen!

Till then, food court is a much better option!:)

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

SRK, Linux and the Middle Kingdom - only you can put them together. I could call you a Renaissance Man, but that would beg the question: which one? You get too drunk to be Shakespeare and too sober to be Falstaff (not to mention probably 200 pounds lighter).

Anonymous said...

New York is a decent movie. Certainly not in the league of SRK movies though :)

I am still waiting for that Kambakht Ishq review !

- Sid

numerounity said...

Ha ha…Ur fren should attempt making "Drona ka kambakht ishq, which travelled from chandni chowk to china!! Or kambakht chandni ishq to drona!!!

Bea Walker said...

WHAT you don't worship at the altar of SRK??? How CAN there be such blasphemy??!!! :)....You know, all the males of my acquaintance are united in their hate of SRK - hmmmmm, maybe this can be used as some sort of unifying force in the world? :P....truly a mars venus polarizer...I have Ice Age 3 and Hangover noted in my upcoming weekend viewing calendar - will keep away from the KI type of stuff...people wanting to pay Bill money - probably for his body...:)

v said...

Fell off the chair laughing over China's plans.

The Spectacled Skeptic said...

Haven't seen Kambhaqt Ishq but I can tell by the horrible songs that it's utter rubbish!
but new york ain't that bad...give yash raj a chance! :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

I am female. I hate SRK. Hmpf. Backtrack.

constant xpat said...

Love the tag line of your header. The funniest and in a sense the scariest !!

Also love SRK but I am a woman and so that's a no brainer.

keep writing