Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Week In Review

A lot of things have been happening this week.

First, I got my eyes tested and found out I needed bifocals. Just got me a pair. I'm officially old now.

Just as I was lamenting this sad piece of news and trying to figure out how to mourn it (the answer is "with scotch"), the missus reported a bad shoulder. She had been complaining of pain for a few days now. This morning, she awoke practically unable to move her right arm.

I know what you're thinking. One less arm to hit me with. So did I. But I couldn't bear to see her in tears.

I rushed her to the orthopedic surgeon and an X-ray and sonography later, he told me it was tendinitis, nothing to worry about. Just rest the arm and pop these pills. She'll be fine in no time.

Which means wife is currently lording it in the Shenoy Manor and orders me around like I was her serf or something, which, I realized, I am.

Michael Jackson's death has made him very popular in my house. My kids and their mother can listen to no other. The younger one's even learning the moonwalk, which I shall try to post a video of.

Infact, I've got a little football video of his which I think I'll post. This is under my watch, we were supposed to be studying Science for the Unit Test. I was explaning to him the chapter on Bio-diversity.

But I digress. I was talking about Michael Jackson.

My mother said "He's that man who sings childrens songs doesn't he?"

"Childrens songs?" I didn't seem to recall any.

"He keeps saying My Baby, My Baby. I heard him just now"

"Mom, the baby in that song is not his child. It's his girlfriend"

"His girlfriend is a baby? No wonder he had those child molestation cases against him"

It's no use arguing with mom. Especially where it concerns popular culture.


Idling in Top Gear said...

This one was a laugh riot.

And not to talk ill of the dead, but I am sure the "baby" wasn't a "girl" either. :D

Renu said...

This one left me in splits :)
And for sometime, I thought MJ sang children's songs too. In fact everything in the eighties which my older bro listened to, seemed to us like kid's stuff and we both depending on how well we were treated by dad that day, would go "Daddy, daddy cool" or "Papa don't preach".:)

maxdavinci said...

sirjee tussi toh mara-dhona ke pitaji ho!

Arun Sundar said...

Ha haa! Touch of humour in everything. You da man! :)

What's In A Name!? said...

Aw, hope the wife is feeling better!

Btw, the only thing that keeps me glued to tv these days is Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. You watchin?

v said...

Funny as usual!

I think your mother's comment says everything about MJ.

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

answer is "with scotch" - so true, that's my answer for mourning everything too. And for celebrating everything. :-) Looking forward to the moonwalk video

Mahesh said...

Nice post. Got a gripe though ..

"Just got me a pair."

ME? Naaah, myself or meself? That'd do. Having said that, not bothered about it too much, me :)

Keep the posts coming and more power to the wife's right hand!!

dkst45 said...

The song was about Billy Jean. Samajdhar ko ishara kafi hai.

Anonymous said...

The kid does have some soccer talents. That was very very impressive. I am not sure a lot of people can do that.


le embrouille blogueur said...

Crazy confidence in his talent to allow him with the ball indoors ... as for the "scotch" ...nothing can be a truer friend ... now I am a bigger fan of yours ... no reference to my physique on the "big" fan part though !!

K. Ramachandran said...

What-Ho, Sigsbee !
Very impressive video. I'm very surprised that your son picked up such skills in this cricket-crazed land. Wondering how to teach my son games other than cricket -- one of the drawbacks of returning to India . ( PLus points -- great food and WI meets )

Anonymous said...

"His baby is his girlfriend".....LOL!


narendra shenoy said...

@idling - Thanks! LOL @ "I am sure the "baby" wasn't a "girl" either"

@Renu - Thanks!

@max - LOL!

@arun - Thanks, brother!

@whatsinaname - Thanks! The wife is feeling better, but she still cant hit me. Rakhi, she's everywhere. Can't
not see her:(

@v - :)

@bpsk - One moonwalk video coming up

@mahesh - oops about the grammar but me is going thru a terrible patch lingo wise

@dkst45- LOL!

@Ram- He's obsessed with football. But the lads playing downstairs are pretty competent that way. Great skillset, this generation. In my time, the objective of the game football was "kick the ball". Direction was immaterial. Naturally, none of us made it to Mohun Bagan

@le-embrouille- Three cheers for scotlands gift to depression! Our indoors has sustained surprisingly little damage. Perhaps the missus has something to do with this

@k.ramchandran - Thanks, old chap! Hope to bump into you one of these WI meets!

@sid - LOL!