Sunday, July 26, 2009

The plot to assasinate Hitler

A little known plot to kill Hitler has recently come to light.

General Wolfgang Hoffenstrotengrottenstrader of Hitler's Northern African command devised an ingenious method of doing what he felt was the only solution to the madness in Germany. His plan was to let loose wasps or bees to attack Hitler, the idea being that the poisonous stings would kill the fuhrer, he being a total wimp, and even if they failed, no one would know.

In the secret discussions leading up to the plot, the eminent biologist Ludwig van Borstencroftrendstrhratthenburg pointed out that bee stings might not be strong enough and proposed that European Hornets, vespa crabro, were the best choice because they were the most toxic and aggressive. However, Hoffenstrotengrottenstrader refused to heed his advice and the Fuhrer escaped with a few stings at unknown locations (Ms. Braun was heard to ask the Fuhrer if he had coconuts in his pockets or was he just happy to see her, but historians have refused to draw conclusions)

Anyway, children, the take home message here is that Hornets is the Best policy.


le embrouille blogueur said...

He could also ask Hitler to spell his last name in a quiz ...that would cause instantaneous disintegration of the gray at your suggestions on best policy !!

Siddharth said...

Yeah it was published in the papers then that lot of bee hives were found in those bunkers. They say metal sticking adhesives were invented after that :D

gauri said...

Hornets is the best policy; a hornet's nest, not so much (esp. for uh, big daddies) - n'est pas?

(LOL@Ms. Braun)

Idling in Top Gear said...

I think Hornets-y sounds better. :D

narendra shenoy said...

@all - Apologies for the shaggy dog story. I saw a sign on a truck the other day which said "Hornest is the best policy" which sort of triggered it off. Sadly I was unable to take a picture. Life.

Vivek said...

I Thought this was more of a valkryie affect.