Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little known medical cases involving Bollywood personalities

Aamir Khan

This talented actor is known for going to any extent for a shot. He immerses himself so much into the role that he ends up doing things quite dangerous to himself.

In one of his films, the scene involved the bad guy forcing him to eat stones. Aamir actually swallowed some, and though the shot turned out amazing, the next morning he was in agony. A couple of the stones he had recklessly swallowed seemed to have got stuck somewhere in his alimentary canal.

A doctor was called in immediately. An experienced man, he wasted no time in scans or X-rays

"Get me a sigmoidoscope", he barked at his assistant, who got one from the car.

As it was inserted up Aamir's dorsal end, the doctor assessed the situation as safe, and asked for Aamir to be given an enema. "That should do the trick", he said and like all doctors who have looked up a fellow human's backside, asked for tea.

"But sir", said his student, "The stones seem to be pretty far inside. Almost in the small intestine. How will an enema help? Shouldn't we operate?"

"My dear chap! Small intestine forsooth! The stones are right here in the rectum, waiting to be flushed out"

"But then, why does it seem.....?" The student was puzzled.

"Ah, you youngsters probably haven't heard of it, but we of the old school have learnt the old maxim by heart"


"You know, Objects in Aamir are closer than they appear"

Author's note: I realize I'm hitting new lows here but my excuse is that it is 1 am and I am unable to sleep, because of the North Korean Situation. Please forgive me.


S said...

Naren, I have been following your blog for ages but have never commented before :)

A) I love this blog; it's absolutely amazing.

B) I think this one is as pathetic as your previous PJ - no matter how lovely a spin you put to it.

Poor Mrs S. Bless her! :)

Rain-In-The-Face said...
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Rain-In-The-Face said...

I loved both the PJs! And not to quibble but if a PJ is bad does it imply that it is no longer a PJ but a GJ? :)

Sandy said...

Killer PJ!! :)

le embrouille blogueur said...

I am on the floor ... please continue...get them all out of your system ....Mrs.S.... you just need to get a tuner for the local channels !!

Coconut Chutney said...

I BOW to your greatness! :D

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Dude, you left out half the story. Here's what really happened: Aamir is a deeply religious man and deeply believes in the unity of the three religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

So he was trying to live up to the maxim, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

Idling in Top Gear said...

Objects in Aamir! LMAO!

Sid said...

u need to send these jokes to negotiators in north korea. the situation will improve (?)

btw...who is next in these case studies?


- sid

narendra shenoy said...

@S- Thanks! Mrs. S seems to have run out of groans too. She just sort of winces at the PJs these days

@rain - Thanks! And hey, that's a good defense for me!

@sandy -thanks!

@le embrouille - Yes, need to get them out of my system :)

@ Chutney - Thanks!

@ BPSK - LOL! Need to rephrase that as "drop the first stone"

@Idling - Thanks!

@sid - They seem to have a good sense of humor themselves. For instance, they call their ICBM Missile "No Dong". One can almost imagine the inventor showing his work to his mother - "Look Ma! No Dong!"

Ashes said...

I'm another silent reader who's been stalking your blog forever. Felt I just had to warn you that one of these days you may get sued...if one of your loyal readers dies laughing :D
At this rate, you'd do well to add in disclaimers and caution labels (or whatever they're called :P)
LOVE your blog :D

narendra shenoy said...

@Ashes - Thanks! You are too kind!

maxdavinci said...

saaar plz saar, stop saar.

too many PJs saar.

you are this close to being roasted on NS!

Srivardhan said...

LOL! Awesome! :D