Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No more groaners

No more groaners. I have received threats, and I'm taking them seriously.

Don't laugh. The Americans take the North Koreans seriously. And THEIR threat is a missile called Nodong. It is enshrined in their National Anthem (Take us Seriously. We have No Dong).

No the time has come when men must be men and behave like grown ups.

Even if they have No Dong.

And wise people must write their books of sayings.

Mao wrote one.

Barak wrote one.

Fidel's written one too.

Bill wants to write one but Hilary keeps burning the manuscript. Rumor has it that it is full of gems like

"There are only two sure signs that a woman is coming on to you
1. She's smiling
2. She's not smiling"

"One does not become President overnight. It took me years to learn the gropes"

"I love, admire and respect Hilary. She is a beacon. Radiant, illuminating, warm. Indeed in that respect, except for the fact that the latter can be screwed, she is like a light bulb to me."


maxdavinci said...

women often argue that men treat tehm like sex objects, but that's only coz they object to sex!

Raju said...

Harold Ian Smith was a member of the conservative party. He never said the same thing twice. Why?

A: Because H I S Tory never repeats himself.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what our great president's book would reflect upon...

SRK said...

Apparently, when asked about Monica, he said it was uninterntional...

Idling in Top Gear said...

The name "No Dong" for an IRBM makes sense now - you know how they say underendowned men compensate with expensive phallic symbols! I'm sorry for Mrs. Kim Jong-Il.

Siddharth said...

There was a Hindi movie in 80s where Amrish Puri says "Dong kabhi Wrong nahi hota..."

That must have been inspired by the No Dongs....

- Sid

Victoria said...