Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Soofy thing - Part I

(For those who, for one reason or another, missed the earlier post, I am on a whirlwind tour of Rajasthan. I attended a Sufi or Soofy Music festival in a bustling metropolis named Nagaur. Therefrom I have shifted to Jodhpur and herefrom I catch a plane back to my sweet home where my love lies waiting silently for me. These here are accounts thereof. )

The whole enterprise was in jeopardy from the start because it did not have the blessings of my Queen.

"What is the use of all this soofy geefy?" was the main thrust of her argument. A very difficult one to counter, as you might readily appreciate, because soofy geefy is indeed no use at all. For instance, you can't use it in lieu of your credit card to settle bills at restaurants.

To deflect the direction of the discussions, I tried all my sorry assed jokes.

What do you call soofy music when the singer has Diarrhoea?
Poopy music

Soofy music for horse lovers?
Hoofy Music

Soofy music for Bill Clinton?
Screwfy music

Soofy music for spies?
Snoopy music

Soofy music for Micky Mouse?
Goofy music

At this point in the proceedings, Sheela threatened to bean me with her handbag. Wisely desisting any further attempt at polemics, I packed my bag and hoofed it to the train (see Exhibit 1 below - Sad Sack in Train, alias Dukhi Atma)

As is usual in the Indian Railways, weirdos abounded. Our next door neighbour was an elderly gentleman who had, for this PhD thesis, selected the delicate topic "Toilet in three tier AC is better than Toilet in two tier AC"

For those ignorant of the niceties of Indian rail travel, Two Tier AC is more expensive than Three Tier AC by a factor of 33%. Thus, by natural justice, toilets in Two Tier AC should be better that toilets in three tier AC (by a factor of 33%). Which, according to our doctoral candidate, they are not. And his defense was conducted against the cogent-and-coherent- but-lacking-in-vitality ticket collector. All this at 5 a.m when city slickers like me seek repose. I am a non-violent person. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama are the names constantly on my lips. But at that moment, my hands itched to emulate the Boston Strangler.

Luckily for the toilet expert, I managed to retain my sang froid, a French expression meaning "cool" (don't look at me, I didn't make this up) . That's why in France, if you tell the garcon that you want your eggs froid, you get them in a cold, glue like mass.

And thus, dear reader, presently we reached the great bustling metropolis of Nagaur (see picture below)

P.S. Rajasthani couplet composed specially by royal bard for Chutney

O my beloved baalma, don't join the troops
Your mustache is no good except for straining soups


Renu said...

Hey, Nagaur seems to be a bustling place indeed, what with the markets looking strikingly "bullish" :)

Coconut Chutney said...

Soofy music for architects?
Roofy music


A poem composed just for me?
Oh it fills my heart with such glee
So let me have my moment, shout out "Oh boy!"
I just got featured by narendra shenoy!

Vivek said...

Soofy music for the feet?
Shoefy music
Soofy music for Charlie Brown in Peanuts?
Snoopy Music (As apart from the other one)

You can do a PHD in anything these days!
SO which is better after all?

maxdavinci said...

First look at that pic and I was reminded of this. I'm sure Mrs.Shenoy will be mad at me now!

Anonymous said...

Soofy music for the residents pictured in the bustling metropolis of Nagaur - Moofy music :)

Coconut Chutney said...

As an after thought, soofy music for cows?
Moofy music! :D

Soofy music for birds?
Crow-fy music

Soofy music for caffeine addicts?
Coffee (to be pronounced in mallu Kofee fashion) music

Soofy music to inspire teamwork?
Crew-fy music

Anish said...

Himmesh Reshammiya would have loved this post. Too many ooo's in it.

Music for HR?
OOO-OO-OOOfy music

Bharadwaj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Bond said...

My $0.02 for the betterment of mankind:

Soofy music for carpenters?
Screwfy music

Soofy Music for lunatics?
Loopy music

Soofy music for army?
Troopy music

gauri said...

Ok, I almost promised myself I will resist any "Soofy music for...?" temptation. Thank God for the 'almost' ;)

Gratis Soofy music?
(no fee :P)

How did the Maharashtrian consult with Sigmund Freud?
"Sang Froid...." (alright I'm outta here...if you wanted to avoid my ghaati-giri, you should've specified the "fruah" bit :P)

So did you catch the concert yet or no? How was it? Any samples?


Arun Sundar said...

Lol...Nagaur seems like a real metropolis! Or wait...cosmopolitan.....or perhaps cow'mopolitan.

K. Ramachandran said...

Magnificent humour !! r8 for the tumour !!
Sufi music for spooks:
BOOO-fy music
For doves:
Coo-fy music
I wont talk to u ( in Tamil )
Doo-fy music
Israeli music:
Joofy music
Bathroom singer:
Loofy music
Modern stuff:
Noofy music
Poofy music
At the bus-stop or station counter:
Queuefy music
Too many fy musics :
Toofy music
Dog language:
Woofy music
My home :
Zoofy music

Vivek said...

With all the new varieties of ---fy music (Me included) it seems likely that Mr Shenoy will start a post called - The oof-oh thing!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, really!
"Where my love lies silently.."
How does she speak lies silently? Through her teeth??
Please don't mind, Mrs Shenoy! I am a little lie-k this!

indiegurl said...


I go to law school a couple of kms off nagaur, this is awesome!

so how do you like the proud state of Rajasthan, and its charming
(if scarily rustic) suburb of nagaur?

(i hate it.)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

This Sang Froid you mention - French cousin of Sigmund's? Presumably into vocal music?


Deepti said...

mr shenoy,
you really do look so young( at least younger than my dad, who is the same age as you), i really was cracking my head trying to place this dumbly grinning fellow in the pic( no offence meant!!!)!......... anyway, nice post!

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Hahaha!! This is lovely...the thinking-up-more-oofy-music part!! Lemme add ma own then!!
Soofy music for one with a cold:
a-choo-fy music.
Soofy music for the guy you met in the train:
ewwww-fy music.
Soofy music that's scary: boo!-fy music.
Hope you enjoy the experience in all forms of "oofy"!!! Hav fun!:-)

RukmaniRam said...

sirji, visiting your blog again after long. And I seem to have missed a lot!!

great couplet at the end!

Anna Bond said...

You have been tagged!
Time to get off soofy practice.

Pitu said...

Wow Nagaur is indeed quite the bustling nagar. Itni bheed mein kho jaoge tum! But this soofy music fest sounds like such fun!