Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Dharwad Pedas. (Jobless post)

It started with the Dharwad Pedas.

"Naren, do you want to die?"


"You have diabetes in your family. You have high triglyceride counts. Your HDL is low. What do you say to that?"


"Don't play dumb with me. What happened to the pedas?"

"What pedas?"

"The Dharwad pedas"

"Oh. I ate one after dinner"

"There were eight in the box this morning. There are only four now"

"Gautham must have eaten them. He's a growing lad. And he's very good at football. Did you see him playing football this Saturday?"

"Gautham has  been out all day"

"Oh, yes. NOW I remember.  I told the maid to have them"


"They were going to go bad. It's a milk product. Not good to let it go bad. Turns into pois.."

"You ate four pedas. FOUR!"


"What else?"


"What do you say after 'Sorry'?"

"I'll never eat those pedas again"


"But they're going to spoil!"

"Tough luck"

"Ok, I'll join gym"

"Attaboy. But you have to promise me, no more than ONE peda a day"

"Two? They're very small"

"Ok, but no more than two under ANY circumstances. Place your hand on my head and promise. If you break your promise, remember I will die. AND. No pedas at ALL on the day you miss gym"

I love her.