Friday, April 22, 2016

Ramdev Baba and the marinaded mutton chops

Last evening, Sheela decided to try a new recipe - marinaded mutton chops. For all its innocuous sounding name, it needed many ingredients, among them barbeque sauce. So she went off to our favorite grocery store Shreeji (which seems to stock every single thing in the universe and is most conveniently, just down the lane) and asked for it. Alas, unlike us, who would pronounce it barr-bay-queue sauce, she calls it Baahbuhque. The chap at Shreeji was non-plussed.
"Baba ke sauce?"
"Baahbehque sauce", Sheela clarified
"Baba ka sauce?" asked the chap, with puzzlement writ on his face
To her credit, Sheela kept a poker face
"Nahi nahi,, baahbehque"
The Shreeji guy, doubtless disconcerted by the fact that for the first time in recorded history he might actually be out of something in his store, plaintively called out to his colleague
"Aapdi paase Ramdev baba nu koi sauce che?" lapsing, under duress, into his native gujarati (translation: Do we have any sauce by Ramdev Baba?"
This was too much for even Sheela. Dissolving into a severe case of the giggles, she finally conceded and said it right
"Barr-bay-queue sauce"
"Ah! barbeque sauce" Shreeji chap's countenance lit up with comprehension.
And thus were the marinaded mutton chops made