Friday, March 13, 2009

Crime Wave in Mumbai

You know, when I first read this bit of news (needless to say, first broken by my favorite newspaper, the Mumbai Mirror) I thought these master criminals had kidnapped the Municipal Corporation employee in charge of dumping the garbage (hence "garbage dumper").

It turns out that their villainy is of a far greater degree. They actually kidnapped an entire dumper truck.

A source who cannot be named for fear of his life told me the real story. It seems that the operation was carried out in the wee hours of the morning.

Lured by promises of high quality garbage, our innocent dumper truck was led by these hardened criminals to a desolate spot and before it knew what had happened, they turned off the ignition, paralyzing the poor thing.

An hour later, with the Municipal Corporation panicking over the unexplained disappearance of the truck, the first call came

"Give us half a million in used-oncers in an unmarked brown bag or you will get back your beloved truck in instalments! Ha, ha, ha!". Click. The phone was switched off before the police force, by now attendant in full force, could put a location on the call.

Luckily the corporation had "caller id" on their phones and the police eventually nabbed the criminal shown above. Confronted with the evidence, he is said to have broken down and confessed to the crime.

Well, the happy ending of course is that the dumper was rescued and is said to have turned emotional on seeing the rest of the fleet. "I will never stray out without asking my mommy" it promised.

So now you know the story. It is still classified. And if you value your life, keep it to your self.


SRK said...

and ashamed at being caught stealing a dumper truck of all the things in the world, the guy is seen strangulating himself in the pic?

chutney said...

News reporting has gone to the dumps. Tsk. :P

maxdavinci said...

he was trying to take over the bhangi association I guess!

or they threw the smuggling ka maal that arrived last night in mud island into the dumpster fearing a police raid. After all who clears the dumpsters till they overflow!

ie said...

is desh ki gandagi main saaf karunga...

the guy forgot the metaphorical meaning.

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

the city's in the dumps

Idling in Top Gear said...

Looks like the Congress party needs to take the trash out :)

Vishnudas Prabhu Kunjibettu said...

Now I know - crime is really a "dirty" profession!!

What's In A Name!? said...

And I thought only Ahmedabad Mirror ran such news. But then, I guess it's a "mirror" thing! :P

Ahmedabad mirror here has taken up a challenge thrown by a random british citizen who visited the city and found it dirty. So every alternate weekend, mirror runs gathers together volunteers and goes about cleaning the street.. "We have accepted Christina's challenge".

Needless to say, AM is my favourite newspaper. :p

slowtumblinglife said...

funny as always..

really enjoy coming over to read your post.. have left a link for your blog on mine..

hope that's fine by you..

K.Ramachandran said...

What ho , old man, jolly good post, what ? Pip-pip

Anonymous said...

Er, isn't 'kidnapping' of vehicles known as hijacking?