Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Great Indian Circus. Follow it on

The Great Indian Circus is just getting off the ground.

Otherwise known as the general elections to the Lok Sabha, this splendid event occurs roughly every five years and showcases some spectacularly bad taste and many spectacularly evil people.

I am doing my little bit for the decibel level by contributing some jokes, limericks and general funny stuff to, a website which brings news, analysis, data and some entertainment to the discerning net surfer on whom the charms of Pamela Anderson have ceased to work.

The website is manned by some really talented journalists who, as far as I can see, are doing this pro bono. It will also be backed by interviews on the street with ordinary voters in the deep hinterland, again for little pecuniary benefit.

The idea is to raise the level of awareness on the net and to make available a lot of data such as who is contesting from where, who is the incumbent, where exactly the constituency is, and so on. And also talk about some relevant issues like why about 50% of the current lot of ministers is from the Rajya Sabha.

Though I have tried to retain my focus on the lighter stuff, the things I read daily are really depressing.

For instance, the way alliances have broken up before the election. What this means, of course, is that something akin to the Pushkar Camel Bazaar is going to be held after the results are out, and the ones with the most moolah will walk away with the prize, viz. the PM's chair.

Since Sharad Pawar is reputed to have the most slush funds, he will probably be the next PM. Mayawati is too much of a fathead to have a chance and Amar Singh/Mulayam Singh are too creepy even for hardened politicians.

Ofcourse, the real problem is the Indian Public which is such a fathead that it does not realize it is being gradually strangulated. It is a miracle we haven't collapsed yet. The possible reasons for this inexplicable phenomenon are

1. There is not one ounce of brains in the entire bunch of contestants.

2. They are so crooked that no one trusts the other, eschewing meaningful cooperation

3. God really exists and has a corny sense of humor

4. All of the above.


blimblop said...

i'm sure you've been told this before but it bears repetition..
you write brilliantly! :)
(superlative camera work as well)
look forward to trying out the sandwich

p.s. am fuzzy on blog protocol. this comment is directed at more than one post.

Pitu said...

I bet Sanju baba will have tons of tons of votes. I am very tempted to do qurbani by boycotting his, Sunil Shetty's and Ajay Devgan's films. Of course, this qurbani is very beneficial as I don't have to tolerate either moron's 'acting' :p

And if Amar Singh becomes PM, I seriously don't know what I'll do!*gag*

Mo said...

D: It is written.


What's In A Name!? said...

The cynic in me tells me that this alliance break up is all a sham. Possibly to break hold of BJP. Eg. in a constituency, the BJP and RJD candidate have 50-50 chance of getting elected. So, now, if RJD, Congress and BJP have their own independent candidates, then, let us assume, that all have an equal chance of getting equal votes. So, RJD, Congress and BJP gets 33.33% votes each. That way, post elections when RJD declares its alliance with Congress, they will have 66.67 % majority. Thus, breaking the hold of BJP.

Of course, that is a supremely hypothetical situation I am talking about, but Laloo and the likes are just some people whom I've grown to distrust.

Btw, would like to know your views on IPL vs Elections!

slowtumblinglife said...

this one is for the last video as well..

which was hilarious.. got me through an entire day at work.. which if you know where i work, is a lot..

great posts..

Vivek said...

Nice one, as always!

maxdavinci said...

oh havent you heard the phrase 'theres a mallu in every corridor'

apparently heard amongst the whispers int eh corridors of power..

shashi tharoor for PM!

PS: loads of foren currency, chivas regal, and jack daniels in stock!

Arthi said...

You should allow users to share your posts through Facebook etc..!
Very well written

Venkat H said...

Isn't it funny that the country has been doing fairly well inspite of all these things? On another note, we (most not all), the brilliant , well educated and highly educated people who are happy to write excellent quality (english) blogs like this dont do much apart from ranting.

g said...
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gauri said...

Sharad Pawar PM? You're kidding right? Please say so? Maybe he should just go back to being that local chief-guest at school sports-days.. :P


Anish said...

Ah! The charms of Pamela Anderson. Unfortunately they HAVE stopped working :( . But no one can fill her shoes eh? Or for that matter anything else :-B

Anish said...

The nephew in the pic seems to be headed in the right direction! Haha

mbjesq said...

Sure, the political silly season is upon us; but, as if to compensate, it is also mango season. So life can't be too bad.

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

Well, a few days back TOI published an article where they, like a certain tea company, tried to wake me up from a deep slumber, cause if I don't vote the Pappu Raaj would continue to have fun on my taxes.

Now unfortunately the reporter didn't write down his/her email id otherwise I would have loved to ask that person a simple question.

What if all of them are Pappus?

Mohammad Waheed said...

Indian voting pattern changing from cast base poltics to Maphia then development ideas. Still poltician are making fool to masses by giving slogen of development but some home in around