Friday, March 20, 2009

The Culture Police at work

We recently had a situation. A certain song, refering to "mother" was being sung in a VERY NONTRADITIONAL way, and being danced to in a VERY NONTRADITIONAL way as well.

Were we going to take this lying down? Were we going to let the depraved youth of the country have their way with our hoary old traditions? Were we bored out of our skull and looking for someway to pass time?

The answers, dear reader, are "no", "no", and "yes" respectively.

This masterfully shot short film is a pithy comment on the cultural situation in our land and the heartening way in which our youth is setting about reforming it. It is rumored to be the indian entry to the Cannes festival. A quick reaction from familiar movie personalities

"I was moved to tears!" - Mani Rathnam

"The Cinematography had me breathless!" - Santhosh Sivan

" " - Ashutosh Gowarikar (speechless)

"I'm rolling! I'm rolling!" - Satyajit Ray

Thanking you in anticipation for your kind comments. Owing to the current economic situation, we are compelled to be selling autographs at Rs. 10/- plus VAT each.



Vivek said...

Ha ha ha ha!
Why the swimming cap though??
And the Hockey Stick! :D

rads said...

You won't believe this, but the PYT at work made me listen to this song just a few days ago!

I need to ask where was the heroes' mom while this movie was shot? :p

Cute :)

Anonymous said...

hehe.. the music sounded like something generated from microsoft songsmith no..

"i'm rolling! i'm rolling!"
that was classic!

@vivek: prolly was an attempt to imitate gandhi thatha or something. :)

Coconut Chutney said...

Your boys have a great future. Can I be their manager? I promise to buy them 1 packet milk bikis everyday.

I totally loved this video!!

Harishhh said...

*takes off hat and bows*

You sir are a genius! Genius I tell you!

Partho said...

You've got brilliant technique, sire! The masterful somersaulting camera maneuver for the scene interlude won a gasp of admiration. Do you write scripts yourself, or do your boys give inputs?

Ram said...

Once again, who is the costume designer?

gauri said...

LOL. You know, I was so sure he'd sing it in Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare tune.

"Maa-da Laaadala bigada gayaaaa
Swami laadala bigada gayaaaaaaa!"

Good sports your boys are, to humor the jobless dad :D


narendra shenoy said...

@Vivek - Swimming cap - Master Gautham (the younger one). Hockey stick - Master Vyaas

@rads - Said mom has placed on record her considered opinion that this is complete tomfoolery and should not be encouraged at exam time by dads who have an ounce of sense in them (... about 500 words were omitted as they were similar in intent)

@chokka - We use only Linux. To tell you in complete confidence, we - Mr. Gates and I - are not on talking terms.

@chutney - The younger guy already collected Rs. 25 as acting fees. As agent, you should get your cut, shouldnt you? :D

@Harish - Thanks! You alone understand the soul of a sensitive film maker!

@Partho - Rather clever of me, don't you think, doing all that without dropping the camera and breaking it into a thousand parts? That deeply researched script was written by me.

(He's lying. I wrote it - Gautham)

(They're both lying. I cannot tell a lie. It was I. - Vyaas)

@Ram - Bhanu Athaiya! :D

@gauri - Jobless forsooth! I just got off the phone with Steven Spielberg.

Pitu said...

Hahahahahaa!!!!!! Tell me these are YOUR KIDS!! Tell me!!! Aur mainu autograph chahiye, da Shenoy boys are awesome :-D Wah Wah!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

* wolf whistles* from the aisles.

but yes, ms shenoy was MIA?

Anonymous said...

Amazing brain you have, Mr. Shenoy! Whatay movie! I wonder if your kids will ever forgive you when they grow up and these incriminating videos are discovered by their prospective brides or live-in partners.

Anonymous said...

Do you pay the boys to participate? Do you pay their mother to let them participate?



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