Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mommy will they make me Poet Laureate? - 1

On the Great Indian Democratic Process

We'll be having elections this spring
There'll be rigging and booth capturing
And loonies and crackpots
And Nepots and despots
And the big daddy of them all, Amar Singh

On Election Strategy according to the Congress Party Think Tank

The Congress won't be doing anything fancy
We're sticking to our Core Competency
Not Ethics, of course
Or Governance (much worse)
We'll be going with good ol' Sycophancy


buddy said...

there was once a BJP
on secularism did they pee
but now they huff
while ramadoss ponders no puff
and i hoot for mamta banerjee!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

And there is the ill famed dynastic reign
Whose chair grasping is in a quite a desperate vein
To rule, they know not,
But yet, they vie for ballots
And if votes go awry, outrage they feign.

gauri said...

I must confess it is bliss
To be away from a mess such as this
Yet, the heart still rends
Will we ever make amends?
What we really need is metamorphosis.


Coconut Chutney said...

Whee! Rhymes :D

*clears throat*

A blogger, once upon a time
Had an uncanny knack to rhyme
So with his keyboard did he type
Limericks until he went ripe
Until we threw in his hat, a shiny dime

perplexed said...

the elections are here
the madness and chaos so near.
but we will have holiday
so we can go watch that movie
we missed on friday
but vote we must
coz in the netas we don't trust!

Satish Bhat said...

Once in the realm of sleepy thought,
I wandered, and was soon accosted by the God Janus.
A question rose, and an answer I sought,
"What shall be of the lands named after the Indus ?"
"Fear not",spake He "for your past has been glorious
And your future like the sun shines bright.
But your present shall continue to be labourious,
as long as your people sleep in broad daylight."

narendra shenoy said...

@buddy - You belong to "Mamta Bannerjee's Hooters", do you? ;-)

@cynic - These days they're all dynasties. Narayan Rane - Son
Chhagan Bhujbal - Nephews
Bal Thakre - Son, Nephew
Murli Deora - Son
The list just goes on...

@gauri - Well said!

@chutney - LOL!
I'm a poet, not a plebeian blue collar
Next time please ensure it's a dollar
Or an euro or a pound
Something nice'n heavy and round
Or I'll take offence and really loudly holler

narendra shenoy said...

@perplexed - Nice!

@Satish Bhat - Well said!

Vivek said...

I'll see if they have any of those fake noble literature awards around.
And one for Chutney too.
(Just as a makeshift till they can find the real deal. Don't get disheartened).

K.Ramachandran said...

Wow !! a gr8 explosion of poetry !!

Gajar said...

The campaign is starting, the conches are being blown
To the masses, mutton biryani and country liquor are now frequently being shown.
Cries the opposition, "Vote for us. Politics is an art"
But slowly they whisper, "Once elected, all you'll get to smell is our fart!"
Politicians are scampering, as if their pants are on fire
Marketing relentlessly, that their souls are for hire.

RukmaniRam said...

if in here i donot rhyme
wont it be such a crime

should we expect something in hindi next?

no signal said...

Ho ho.. lmao..
Would love to see more politicos in upcoming poetic endeavors.

Anonymous said...

And then there was a third front
Full of heads sharp and blunt
They dream as do the others
Of running a nation of a billion
Alas! Their leader sleeps in the parliament!

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

A talented man is Naren.
Inventor of limericks insane.
Though the occasional verse,
seems better or worse,
It still never quite seems inane.