Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In other news....

In other news..

I'm being dragged this Sunday, against my wishes, I might add, to a Guns N Roses  concert, by younger son.

'Why are you doing this to me?" I protested

"It's not that bad, dude. You'll enjoy it"

"I doubt it. Most of them sound like patients with colicky pain"

"Mom's coming too"

This was too much to swallow. "What!" I exclaimed. Missus' distaste for loud music is legendary. She prefers the soft crooning of ghazal singers going on about mohabbat and guftagoo, which latter, incidentally, I used to think was the Urdu name for a pigeon's gurgling, till missus explained it means private conversation. Perhaps it means the private conversations of pigeons, one forgets these things. Anyway, missus' preferences are strongly for that sort of thing and I continued goggling at the lad.

"Actually she thinks it's some kind of fashion show"

My eyeballs continued to protrude

"Fashion show"

"I told her it was a show called Gowns and hoses"

"You're going to get it good when she finds out"

"Hahaha" he laughed cheerily and traipsed off with nary a care in the world.

Such is the fearlessness of youth


Lakshmi said...

ahahhaahaa...Enjoy Guns errr..Gowns!

Ashwin said...

Haha!! Wonderful!

Giribala said...

Generation gap :-)

Pratibha said...

had fun ;) ??