Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How 50 Cent invested in the Stock Market and Became 25 Cent

In never before seen footage, rapper 50 cent tells us why he should be called 25 cent from now on


Anonymous said...

Do we hear the missus in the background asking the quarter to stop? :)


Cynic in Wonderland said...

..i cant run the video aiyo ..some strange firewall.

Do you call him chavanni now?

Damn now i have a whole lot of chavanni lines floating in my head.

Preeti said...

I cant seem to run the video too...Dayum!

Gonna get home, see this and comment!

Bt I've been laughing at the title :)

Anonymous said...

lol! That was hilarious!

Same question as ok.

ROFL@ asking "quarter" to stop...

Unknown said...

@ok, gradwolf - Most perceptive. Missus is extremely suspicious of all these goings on and we do our film making as if in a kind of Stalinist state - secretly. Yes, that was her, making some observations about what might happen to people who don't listen to her.

The Quarter is a good name :-D

@ cynic, preeti - I'm using buzznet.com instead of the customary youtube because the site was quicker. Is youtube visible at your respective workplaces?

Unknown said...

Hahahaha! I LOVE these video posts! Okay, I shall inform your missus what you are up to instead of working like one of those slavedrivers who call themselves CEOs. All this chavanni-ing atthanni-ing will be banned then. *smirks*

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

I can't see the video either. Am sure it's funny. :|

Anonymous said...

once everybody stops listening to him and his raps, he'll come down to my level... two cents! ;-)


to be honest, all that happened was that his mrs. got her quarterback!

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

LOL ! the joke was Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!